Always Been Yours Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142 ‘To My Child’

“I’ve met her. Thank you for being so thoughtful, Miss Sofia.” Tessa beamed as she held onto her phone and thanked her teacher. Sofia heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Tessa’s words. “I’m just glad you’re not blaming me for making decisions on your behalf,” Sofia explained.

“Why would I blame you for anything? You were just being considerate.” Tessa was an appreciative person, and she continued expressing her gratitude for Sofia.

Sofia smiled. “You’re right—I was thinking about your future. You’ve just started gaining recognition, after all. I figured it wouldn’t be good for you to go off the radar so quickly, so I thought that you could have a local performance. In this case, you might lose some fame while you’re giving birth, but people would still remember you. I guess that would be better.”

“You’re right, Miss Sofia. I’ll prepare for the show to make sure it goes well.” Tessa nodded firmly. She was feeling increasingly eager to have the performance. Sofia smiled upon hearing Tessa’s words. “Great. I look forward to seeing your performance. If I’m not satisfied with it, I’m going to be extra hard on you during our training after your childbirth,” Sofia teased.

“I’d love that. Perhaps I should put on a mediocre performance just so you’ll teach me more of your skills during our next training.” Tessa joked along with Sofia, and they chatted for a while before they switched topics to talk about Tessa’s album. “I have another piece of good news for you. You’ve sold more than 500,000 copies of your album and the numbers are still climbing,” Sofia uttered excitedly.

Tessa was shocked to hear this. “I can’t believe I sold more than 500,000 copies.” Tessa wasn’t as well-known as some other musicians, so she had never expected her album to be so popular. She was extremely pleased to hear the news. Her laugh was contagious—Sofia felt just as happy after hearing the joy in Tessa’s voice, and she continued to bring more good news to Tessa.

“On top of the amazing album sales, your music has also been really popular online. You’ve topped a few charts as well,” Sofia announced. Tessa was even more shocked to hear this. “How is that possible?”

“It’s probably because of all the bad rumors about you that surfaced recently. I guess it was a blessing in disguise,” Sofia said. Tessa thought that this made sense as well. The netizens practically dug up my entire family history when the bad rumors were at their peak. I had been worried that this would affect my private life, but I can’t believe things turned out this way. This is such an unexpected outcome.

They talked on the phone for a while as Sofia made her way home. Once Sofia got home, Tessa urged her to get some rest, so they ended the call. Tessa still felt excited after she got off the phone. Since she didn’t have much to do, she figured that she would head to the study and search for her music online. Once she searched for her songs on the Internet, she found that she had received a lot of good comments on her songs.

‘I love this album so much. Every track sounds perfect.’

‘My baby in my belly is a huge fan of the song, ‘To My Child’! Every time I play it, my child would start moving in my belly.’

‘No words needed—I’m a huge fan of this artist. I hope she comes up with greater albums.’

Tessa felt extremely glad after seeing all these comments.

When it was nearly noon, Gregory got out of class to find Tessa sitting alone on the couch and smiling to herself. “What are you laughing at, Mom? You look so happy.” Gregory rushed over to Tessa while blinking curiously. Tessa lowered her head to meet the young boy’s innocent gaze, and the sight of her son put her in an even better mood. “Why don’t you guess?” she teased.

“Could Daddy have secretly gifted you another present?” Gregory took a wild guess. Tessa didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that. “Why should Daddy have to keep it a secret from you if he wants to give me a gift?”

“Because Daddy’s always finding ways to snatch you from me.” Gregory had an angry face as he spoke.

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