Always Been Yours Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Special Performance

Alice told Tessa everything that she knew about Sofia and the orchestra. After talking for a while more, Alice switched to focus on serious business. “I’m here to work for you, but there’s also something that I’d like to discuss with you,” Alice announced. “What is it?” Tessa asked.

“Miss Sofia is planning to host a special show for you alone. She hasn’t decided on the date because she wanted to check if this would be the right time to have a show,” Alice said honestly.

“Are you talking about a local special show for myself?” Tessa was stunned. It had only been a while since she last did a special performance. Alice nodded. “Now that you’re expecting your child soon, we figured that you’d need at least three months before and after your childbirth to stay home and rest. Your blooming career would be put to a halt during this period, so Sofia thought that it’d be good if you could fill that time up with something.”

Tessa could tell how much Sofia thought about her upon hearing Alice’s explanation. Nicholas, on the other hand, frowned after hearing what Alice had to say. He understood where Sofia was coming from, but he was more concerned about Tessa’s health. He didn’t want her to overwork herself. At that moment, he turned around to gaze at her for a while, but he ended up keeping his mouth shut when he saw the joy in Tessa’s eyes. He knew that deep down, she wanted to have this special performance. I promised to support all of her decisions, Nicholas reminded himself. So, he simply kept quiet in his seat beside her.

Alice continued speaking after a short bout of silence. “Miss Sofia didn’t want you to travel around too much because of your condition, so she thought that it’d be best to have a local show. Do you think that would work for you?” Tessa felt the urge to agree immediately. However, she turned to Nicholas before she did so. “Can I do it?” she asked hesitantly.

Even though Tessa knew that Nicholas would be supportive of all the decisions she made, she still wanted to ask for his opinion first as she wanted him to know that she respected him. Nicholas quickly understood what Tessa’s intentions were, and he simply responded with a smile. “I’m okay if you are.” Tessa was more than okay with this arrangement, so she agreed to it immediately after that. Alice left after that.

Nicholas wrapped his arms around Tessa as he felt some worry creeping into his chest. “Are you sure you’ll be okay? Won’t you overwork yourself?” Tessa reached her arm out and hooked it over the man’s neck when she saw the worry in his eyes. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to get a lot of rest. The baby in my belly has been obedient, too,” she uttered with a smile. Despite so, Nicholas still felt rather worried. Tessa could tell from the look on his face.

Tessa pressed her face against his chest as she tried to soothe him. “I know you’re worried about me, but I’d be really happy if I got to do a local special performance before giving birth to my baby. I’d be so, so happy—this is something I’ve dreamed of for so long. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not going to force myself to do anything that I can’t handle. If I get tired toward the end, I’ll stop myself.”

“Well, in that case, you should pay attention to your health. You don’t want to strain yourself,” Nicholas reminded her. He smiled as he seemed to recall something. “I guess it’s also good news since you’d be able to give birth in the country. Mom and Dad will be pleased to hear that.” Tessa beamed and nodded upon hearing his words.

Both of them chatted for a while before Nicholas headed back to the office. After that, Tessa was left alone—Gregory had gone up for homeschool classes with his teacher after he finished lunch. Tessa sat in the living room and stared into space for a while before she walked out to tidy the gardens. She snipped a few fully blossomed flowers as she wanted to gather and put them into a vase in the hall.

However, before she could finish gathering her flowers, Andrew walked over with a phone in his hand. “Your handphone was ringing, Miss Reinhart,” he announced. She thanked him and took the phone over. She beamed when she saw that it was a call from Sofia.

“Hey, Miss Sofia. Why are you still awake at this hour?” There was a time difference between the zones where they lived, and Tessa knew that it was late at night in Vienna. Sofia’s warm and caring voice sounded from the other end of the call.

“I just attended a friend’s celebration, and I’m on the way back now. I figured that Alice must have met you by now, so I wanted to call and ask if you guys had a chance to talk,” Sofia explained.

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