Always Been Yours Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 Terminated Partnership

Wanda frowned for a moment before giving Samantha her orders. “I want you to calm them down. I’ll find a way to talk to the other companies,” Wanda said. “Got it!” Samantha left after taking orders.

In the meantime, Sawyer Group’s termination of its partnership with Muller Group became a hot topic on the Internet. All the netizens thought that Wanda deserved what she got. ‘Ah, how nice! Good job, President Sawyer,’ someone commented. ‘I think she deserves more than just losing a partnership with Sawyer Group. A shameless woman like her deserves to be jailed and reformed. Let’s see if she’d do anything nasty after that!’ someone added.

‘Am I the only one who thinks that President Sawyer is like one of the olden-day Roman emperors who’d give up their whole empire for a woman they loved? I can’t believe he ditched this project that was worth billions!’

‘It’s just a few billion—that’s nothing to President Sawyer,’ someone else replied.

Tessa felt rather worried when she saw these comments as she scrolled through her phone at home. That night, she hesitated to speak a few times after Nicholas got home. She didn’t know how to bring the topic up. After all, Nicholas was only doing all this for the sake of avenging her. Before she said anything, Nicholas could already sense a change in her behavior. After dinner that night, Nicholas found a way to distract Gregory before he brought Tessa out to the garden for a walk.

While they were on the way out, Nicholas confronted her. “Do you have something to say to me?” Tessa’s footsteps came to a halt, and she looked at the man in front of her for a while before she finally spilled her thoughts. “I saw the news online this afternoon, and I know that you terminated all your partnerships with Muller Group. I’m worried that this might affect your company,” she uttered. After a short pause, she continued expressing herself. “I know you’re trying to stand up for me, but I don’t want you to put yourself through unnecessary trouble just for me.”

“Don’t worry. I agree that this wasn’t the wisest act, but it doesn’t affect me at all.” Nicholas let out a faint smirk when he saw the worried look on Tessa’s face. “Nothing matters as much as you do.”

Tessa was utterly touched upon hearing his words. Right then, she recalled the comments that she had seen online earlier. “The netizens were right, after all. You’re like a Roman emperor who’d give up his empire for his lover.”

“Well, that sounds about right. All I know is that my priority is caring and pampering you,” Nicholas said as he gazed deep into Tessa’s eyes. Tessa could feel her cheeks turning red. “Aren’t you afraid that you might turn me into a spoiled brat?”

“No,” he replied. “I know you’re not that kind of person.” Nicholas’ tone was filled with confidence as he pulled her in for a hug.

The next morning, Tessa and Nicholas had just finished their breakfast when someone rang their doorbell. “Who is it? It’s so early in the morning.” Tessa glanced at Nicholas puzzledly. Nicholas didn’t have an answer either. “Can you check who’s here?” he said to Andrew, who was standing beside him. Andrew nodded and hurried off.

Soon enough, Andrew came back in with an exotic-looking girl who looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She was dressed in a gray formal suit that made her seem especially fair. She had dark hair, brown eyes, and a rather foreign look. Her strong aura filled the room the moment she stepped in. It was clear that she was an independent and gorgeous businesswoman.

Andrew hastily introduced her to Tessa and Nicholas. “This young lady here claimed that Miss Sofia was the one who sent her over, Miss Reinhart,” he explained.

“Miss Sofia?” Tessa was puzzled, so she took a long look at the girl. The girl spread her lips into a wide smile the moment she met Tessa’s gaze. “Hello, Miss Reinhart. I’m Alice. Sofia sent me here to work as your assistant. Moving forward, I’ll be in charge of all your schedules and other arrangements, including some personal arrangements.” Alice nodded at Nicholas after greeting Tessa.

At that moment, both of them were still stunned by Alice’s beauty. Nicholas, in particular, couldn’t recall himself having ever met someone who looked as elegant and classy as Alice. Tessa was just as shocked after hearing Alice’s introduction—Tessa hadn’t expected Sofia to send her an assistant. After returning to her senses, Tessa got Alice to take a seat before Tessa began to ask Alice for updates regarding Sofia and the orchestra.

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