Always Been Yours Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 The Interview

Tessa was touched by how thoughtful her teacher was. “Thank you, Miss Sofia.” They talked on the phone for a while before ending the call. Nicholas edged closer when he saw the smile on Tessa’s face. “What did Miss Sofia tell you? You look really happy.”

“Miss Sofia has a friend who’d like to interview me, and she told me about it because she thought that it’d be a good opportunity for me,” Tessa answered as she told Nicholas all about her phone call. When Nicholas heard about the magazine she was talking about, he nodded in admiration. “Miss Sofia sure is thoughtful.”

“Yeah, of course. She’s my teacher.” Tessa tilted her chin up proudly. Nicholas found her extremely adorable, so he beamed as he pulled her in for a hug. “In that case, I’ll tell Edward to make the necessary arrangements tomorrow.” Tessa nodded.

The next morning, Edward fixed a time and location for the interview. The interview was set to be in the afternoon at Dynasty Gardens itself. As Nicholas had said, there was no need for them to hide anything now that the public knew everything. That afternoon, Yulia brought her staff over to Dynasty Gardens. They were stunned by the grand and luxurious interior designs that surrounded them the moment they walked in.

Since Tessa was pregnant, they didn’t chit-chat for long—they simply greeted and introduced themselves before they jumped straight into the interview. “Based on the news that was released online, it seemed like you lived a really tough life, Miss Reinhart. Yet, even under those tough conditions, you managed to persevere. It’s clear that you love the violin. Can you tell me how you managed to pull through that tough period?” Yulia asked with a smile.

It was clear that Yulia had prepared herself before the interview—she had done her research on Tessa’s past. Tessa had a faraway gaze in her eyes as she recalled the past. “It wasn’t so much of perseverance—I think I was forced into that situation. As announced on the news, my brother had a problem with his legs, and we needed a lot of money to treat him. I wanted to give up on my dream to focus on work, but he told me that he would give up on his treatment if I gave up on my dream. That was how I ended up sticking with what I liked.”

Even though Tessa spoke in a neutral tone, everyone could hear the struggle she went through in her voice. Yulia felt a strong sense of compassion for the girl, and she gently asked another handful of questions. Tessa replied to all of them patiently, and Yulia went on for a while before she brought up Tessa’s love life.

Tessa glanced at the camera with a starstruck look in her eyes. “Well, if I have to come up with an analogy for my life, I’d say my life is like chocolate that tasted bitter at the start but sweeter later on. My earlier years were filled with a lot of pain, but the sweeter parts came after I met my husband.”

That night itself, this interview was broadcasted on the Internet. The netizens had an abundance of positive things to say about Tessa, and Wanda felt her hatred for Tessa grow after she watched the interview. “How could that b*tch be so lucky?” Wanda was furious, but she didn’t have an outlet to release her anger. Furthermore, the number of good comments Tessa received on the Internet was almost equal to the number of harsh comments that Wanda had received! I’m the young mistress of the Muller Family! How could they make me sound like some evil witch? On top of that, Nicholas called off all the collaborative projects with my company! Wanda thought.

Wanda went to work the next day. Samantha went to Wanda’s office and knocked on her door after she heard that Wanda was at work. “President Muller, Sawyer Group ordered their staff to send the termination agreements over this morning.” Samantha handed the documents to Wanda as she spoke. Wanda’s expression darkened when she saw the documents on her table. “Did Sawyer Group say anything else?” Wanda asked through gritted teeth.

“No. The person left right after sending the agreements over,” Samantha replied. “They’re heartless. Are they planning to cut all ties with our company?” she asked in a rather frustrated tone.

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