Always Been Yours Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Decline All of Them

Edward stared at the pleased look on Tessa’s face. “Miss Reinhart, do you have any thoughts about these interviews and programs?” he asked.

Tessa frowned and thought about it for a moment before she shook her head. “You can decline all of them for me.” Even though she was famous, she had no plans of joining any reality shows or interviews. What a shame, he thought. “Do you want me to decline all of them?”

He reckoned that it’d be fine to reject some reality shows, but he figured that it’d be good for Tessa to participate in some interviews.

She knew why he found this a shame as he was thinking about his career. “I don’t find these things useful for me, and I shouldn’t strain myself with my current condition. Furthermore, I’d just like to focus on making music—it was never my goal to be a celebrity,” she replied with a smile.

After hearing her words, Edward felt a pang of admiration for Tessa as she remained loyal to her initial goal. However, before he could praise her, he felt a chilly sensation running down his spine.

As soon as he looked up, he saw his boss giving him a hostile glare. At that moment, he realized that he had made a foolish mistake. Boss probably wants Miss Reinhart to rest at home; I can’t believe I made the mistake of asking Miss Reinhart to continue working. No wonder Boss looks so annoyed at me!

“You’re right, Miss Reinhart. I’ll reject all of those people now.” He hurried off at once as if people were chasing after him.

Tessa was puzzled for a moment before she heard Nicholas’ icy grunt coming from behind her. “At least he’s smart enough to know what’s going on.”

As soon as she turned around, she laughed when she saw the grim look on his face. It seems like there’s a strong correlation between the look on Nicholas’ face and Edward running off. “I’ve already rejected him. Why do you have to be so fierce toward him?”

“He was being too inconsiderate.” Nicholas was already thinking about how he was going to lecture Edward later. I need to make sure he knows the right thing to say.

Of course, Tessa wasn’t aware of all of this—she simply found the grumpy look on Nicholas’ face extremely adorable. She couldn’t help but reach her hands out to pinch his soft cheeks.

Nicholas had been deep in thought, but he snapped back into reality when he felt something on his face. He didn’t stop her—he simply gazed at her lovingly as he allowed her to continue rubbing his cheeks.

Gregory, on the other hand, didn’t seem too pleased.

Earlier, Gregory had been quiet when his parents were talking, so he expected his mother to praise him and pinch his cheeks instead. “You should be squishing my cheeks instead, Mommy! I was being a good boy.”

Nicholas immediately felt annoyed when he saw his son stealing his spotlight.

However, Tessa didn’t realize anything—she was simply mesmerized by her son’s cute expression. “Okay, let me squish your cheeks. Yeah, your cheeks are softer than Dad’s.”

Gregory was pleased that she was playing with him, so he shot his father an arrogant look.

Nicholas felt worse after that and he turned to look at Tessa grumpily. “Are you calling me old?”

“Hey, I didn’t say that.” She immediately shook her head when she realized the change in his expression. The small and cozy family continued fooling around with each other, and their laughter was so loud that it could spread across the whole of Dynasty Gardens. The atmosphere was extremely pleasant and warm.

Later that night, Tessa showered and washed up. She was about to go to bed when she received a call from Sofia. “I didn’t disturb you, did I, Tessa?” she asked.

“No. Is anything the matter, Miss Sofia?” Tessa asked.

“Well, I have a friend who would like to interview you. My friend happens to be in town now. Would you be free?” Sofia asked.

“Well… You can pass me your friend’s contact number.” Tessa ended up agreeing with Sofia’s request since Sofia was her teacher.

Sofia quickly introduced her friend’s magazine company after hearing that Tessa was willing to do the interview. “My friend is the chief editor of ‘Trendy Youth’ magazine. Her name is Yulia, and their company primarily conducts interviews with outstanding and successful young adults. For example, all the top designers and entrepreneurs would go for interviews with them, and some people would kill just to get an opportunity to be interviewed by Yulia. I believe this is a great opportunity for you as Yulia requested the interview personally. That’s why I really hope you’ll take this chance.”

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