Always Been Yours Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 My Daughter-In-Law

“And who is this, if I may ask?” Of course, Margy knew about Tessa. However, since the Sawyers had never clarified Tessa’s identity, she felt it was somehow inappropriate if she greeted Tessa with the wrong title.

Gregory probably knew Margy very well. Therefore, he hugged Tessa’s thigh and bragged, “Madam Ross, my mommy is pretty, isn’t she?”

Margy was a little surprised when she heard that. At once, she turned to look at Stefania.

Sure enough, Stefania understood the look that Margy gave her. Hence, she pointed at Tessa and introduced openly, “This is my daughter-in-law, Tessa Reinhart.”

Tessa was stunned a little after she heard Stefania introduce her as her daughter-in-law.

After coming back to her senses, she couldn’t stop feeling happy. Madam Sawyer finally acknowledges me!

Stefania was rather understanding as she looked at the grinning Tessa. With a tender glow glimpsed in her eyes, she urged, “Hurry up and greet Madam Ross.”

Tessa came back to her senses and immediately greeted Margy obediently, “Pleasure to meet you, Madam Ross.”

Although Margy was shocked inwardly, she did not show it on her face. With a smile, she praised, “Such a well-behaved young lady.”

Then, they chatted for a while before they parted ways.

After that, for the rest of the day, Tessa shopped with Stefania in the mall for the whole day. It was a fruitful shopping spree for them.

Tessa was exhausted by the time she arrived home later that day. Glancing at the still energetic-looking man next to her, she couldn’t help but whine, “Darling, my legs are sore.”

“I will massage them for you.”

Since Nicholas was already distressed about Tessa walking for too long today, he immediately sat down on the couch next to her and started massaging her legs.

Seeing this, Gregory very sensibly walked around and stood behind Tessa. Then, he said obediently, “Mommy, let me massage your shoulders for you.”

As for Tessa, she enjoyed being taken care of by Nicholas and Gregory. At the same time, she felt extremely blissful to live such days.

After a while, Andrew came over and informed, “Master Nicholas, Mr. Jackson is here.”

By the time Andrew had stopped speaking, Edward was in the living room.

When Tessa saw this, she immediately wanted to withdraw her legs. After all, in her perspective, it was still acceptably fine for her if they wanted to have some kinky lover fun in private. However, she thought she’d better restrain herself a little in front of Nicholas’ subordinates so as not to let Nicholas lose his cool image in front of his subordinates.

What she didn’t expect was that Nicholas’ puzzled voice would ring beside her ear just when she was about to move her legs. “What’s wrong?”

Looking at his expression, Tessa could only remind him helplessly, “Mr. Jackson is here.”

It was almost as soon as she stopped that Nicholas understood what she meant. “So what if he’s here? Just sit here comfortably.”

Nicholas didn’t care about the image he portrayed in front of his subordinates. For him, nothing was as important as Tessa.

As a result, Edward witnessed the scene whereby Nicholas was massaging Tessa’s legs by the time he came in. The lofty, god-like President Sawyer is actually giving someone a massage now?!

Although he was stunned for a while, he was honestly used to it by now. President Sawyer has always been rather unprincipled when he’s in front of Mistress.

“President Sawyer.” Edward respectfully stood not far away from Nicholas.

Glancing at him, Nicholas asked, “What’s the matter?” As he asked, not once did he stop massaging Tessa’s legs.

Tessa, who sat next to him, was a little restless on the other hand. She was very embarrassed to show this side of theirs to Edward.

Pretending that he didn’t see anything, Edward looked down as he reported today’s work.

When he was about to finish reporting, he even brought up the situation relating to Tessa. “It seems that many media outlets wish to invite Mistress for interviews these days. They called the company, and there was even an offer for a TV station’s variety show. The production team said they hope Mistress could attend the show.”

“They have invited me?” Tessa was surprised.

Edward nodded in confirmation. Then, he added with a smile, “Mistress, you are quite popular in Xerthania right now.”

“No way!” She was in disbelief.

When he saw how shocked Tessa was, he explained, “It’s not impossible, Mistress. You were indeed slandered two days ago, but now that the matter has been clarified, everyone naturally sees your excellence. Not only that, you even gained a group of supporters.”

As Edward spoke until the end, he looked at Tessa with admiration. “Speaking of which, mistress, the number of your Twitter followers has increased to one million. That is just the result within these two days.”

Tessa was even more astonished when she heard what he had said. What? Is it true that the number of my Twitter followers has increased?

As she thought of this, she took out her mobile phone and logged on to her Twitter account—a platform where she would share her daily activities and interact with her fans. Once logged in, she discovered that it was as Edward said. As of this moment, her Twitter followers surpassed a million. In addition, her new followers even greeted her by leaving tweets under her Twitter post.

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