Always Been Yours Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Embarrassing Story

After letting out a hearty laugh, Nicholas said in a doting manner, “You are right, honey. Mom, you should come with us.”

Hearing that, Stefania nodded happily. “It’s indeed troublesome when it comes to buying things for a baby. You need to be meticulous while paying attention to many details while purchasing baby products. Like myself, I sure went through a lot of trouble when I prepared the things Greg used when he was a baby.”

At once, she pulled Tessa’s hand and talked about her past experiences of raising Gregory.

Gregory also obediently listened to Stefania’s story. However, when he heard Stefania sharing his embarrassing story like bed-wetting with Tessa, he instantly panicked and protested, “Grandma, how can you tell Mommy about such an embarrassing story? My image has been ruined!”

Unfortunately, considering he was still young and petite, no one took his protest seriously at all. With ease, Stefania told Tessa all of Gregory’s embarrassing stories from his days as a toddler.

While on their way to the shopping mall, laughter constantly sounded in the car.

Once they arrived at the shopping mall, they headed straight to the baby store—a place where Tessa could get clothing, furniture, toys, food, and accessories geared toward newborns, babies, and toddlers.

When the employee in the baby store saw Tessa and the others, she immediately greeted them with an occupational smile, “Welcome!”

“We’re just going to look around casually, so you don’t have to follow us,” Stefania said, rejecting the shopping guide’s help. Then, she took Tessa to shop around the store.

Since it occupied the space of approximately 5 to 6 stores, the baby store was spacious and even provided a complete range of baby products.

“Later, when the baby has been delivered, you still have to try to breastfeed the baby as often as possible. Even so, you still need to prepare some baby formula in case your body can’t produce sufficient breast milk. But there’s no rush for the baby formula at the moment. When the time comes, I will just ask someone to purchase from abroad the baby formula Greg drank when he was young.” Stefania disseminated the general knowledge of raising a child with Tessa as she walked.

Tessa listened attentively while Nicholas memorized them carefully. As for Gregory, he was very puzzled as he listened to what Stefania said. Therefore, he asked, “Grandma, did I use so many things when I was still a toddler? Why can’t I remember anything?”

“You were still young at that time. Of course, you can’t remember anything,” Stefania answered while looking at Gregory with a loving smile.

Before they knew it, they had arrived at the store’s clothing section.

Looking at the small and delicate outfits in front of her, Tessa felt her heart was about to melt, especially when she saw the princess dresses for baby girls. At that moment, she and Stefania couldn’t control their urges and they would constantly take the ones that caught their eyes.

It was until the time when they were about to check out that Tessa realized they had taken way too many dresses. “This… is too much. I think I should put some of these clothes back.”

As she spoke, Tessa moved her hands and wanted to take the clothes from the shopping cart. However, Nicholas stopped her.

“We can just buy them all if you like.”

“It’s just too many. The baby can’t finish wearing all these clothes,” she rebuked and disagreed with Nicholas.

Yet, he took her hand and reassured her with a smile, “It’ll be fine. We can let the other babies wear them in the future.”

In other words, Nicholas was implying that they would have more babies in the future.

At once, Tessa’s face crimsoned. “I never said I was going to have another baby with you,” she said while hitting his chest shyly.

Holding her hand, he chuckled in a low and joyful voice.

At the same time, the staff members and the other customers around them were envious when they saw how Nicholas and Tessa had interacted.

“They have such a good relationship.”

“Yeah. I envy them so much.”

In fact, some people even recognized Tessa.

“Isn’t she Tessa Reinhart, the talented musician who was in the spotlight on the Internet a few days ago?”

“So, it was her? Then again, her husband is handsome.”

“Miss Reinhart isn’t so bad looking herself either. They are like a match made in heaven.”

When she heard the comments, Stefania felt a little tactile in her heart when she once again looked at Tessa and Nicholas. If we are to exclude her not-so-prestigious family background, Tessa and Nicholas are indeed like a match made in heaven when they stand side by side like this.

Just when Stefania’s thoughts were scattered, Tessa’s airy voice rang beside her ears. “Mom, sorry for keeping you waiting. We have checked out. Let’s go shopping in other stores, shall we?”

Stefania snapped out of her thoughts upon hearing Tessa’s voice and nodded in response.

Then, they walked out of the baby store and headed to the clothing store selling branded women’s outfits. However, they didn’t expect they would encounter Stefania’s friend, Margy Anderson or better known as Madam Ross, at this moment.

“Stef! It really is you!”

A well-dressed lady walked toward them with a smile on her face.

When the lady saw Nicholas and Gregory, she greeted them with a kind smile.

“Madam Ross,” Gregory greeted her obediently.

Nicholas, too, nodded courteously.

At this moment, Margy also noticed Tessa, who stood next to Nicholas.

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