Always Been Yours Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 Tarred with the Same Brush

Within seconds, the Internet was almost filled with netizens throwing spiteful remarks against Wanda and ridiculing the other wellborn heiresses. In other words, stuff happened, and the other heiresses just had to take the blame for the things they didn’t do.

For that reason, they hated Wanda to the core. One by one, they went online and justified their innocence. ‘Please don’t compare us to this woman. She does not represent all of us!’

‘She knew that the man has a wife and a family since the beginning, yet she still insisted on being a home-wrecker. Our mindset isn’t as debased as hers. We still know the definition of civility.’

‘Wanda Muller, just how desperate are you in longing for a man’s love? If you truly are so desperate, I can treat you to an exciting evening in the nightclub and hook you up with any men that you like. Just don’t tarnish my reputation like this!’

In fact, there were even some bad-tempered heiresses who immediately tagged Wanda on their social media accounts and lashed out their anger at her on the Internet. Some even went as far as to conduct a background check on Wanda and disclosed her information on the Internet.

Once again, ridiculing remarks were made against Wanda by the netizens when they read the information about Wanda.

‘I see she grew up abroad. It’s no wonder that she doesn’t understand civility.’

‘Wow! ‘She even graduated from a prestigious school! Judging from her horrible character, I really have no idea what knowledge she even gained from her years of attending such a prestigious school!’

In just less than half a day, Wanda became notorious in Southend.

The atmosphere in Dynasty Gardens was full of warmth, but the same could not be said for the fierce revile happening on the Internet.

After breakfast, Tessa looked at Nicholas, who was still accompanying her. Then, she asked curiously, “It’s almost 9:30AM. Aren’t you going to the office?”

“Nope. I’m going to accompany you today.”

As Nicholas spoke, he held one of Tessa’s hands affectionately.

Tessa smiled happily and rested her head on Nicholas’ shoulder. As she grinned, she said, “Although you are here with me, it’s still a little boring with just the two of us at home.”

“How can you say it’s boring when I’m here accompanying you?” he asked as he lowered his head while pretending to be displeased with Tessa’s words.

Blinking, she replied mischievously, “Oh, did I mention the word boring just now? No, it can’t be. You must have misheard.”

“Well, aren’t you mischievous?” Nicholas said as he tapped the tip of Tessa’s nose in a doting manner. “I’ll take you shopping once Greg finishes class later. Since the baby is coming, we should grab this chance and prepare her things.”

“Yeah, we can do that. I want to personally decorate the baby’s room.” Tessa nodded while a soft glow beamed in her eyes as she thought of the baby.

Finally, Gregory finished his class later in the afternoon. After washing up and getting dressed, they were ready to head out.

However, they didn’t expect that they would run into Stefania, who got off the car as soon as they arrived at the front door.

Looking at neatly dressed Nicholas, Tessa, and Gregory in front of her, Stefania subconsciously asked, “Are you guys going out?”

As soon as he saw Stefania, Gregory obediently greeted her, “Hello, Grandma!”

Meanwhile, Nicholas and Tessa nodded to confirm Stefania’s doubt. Then, they asked, “Mom, what brings you here?”

“I’m a little worried about Tessa. I’m worried that the incident that took place before would affect her mood. Things will be problematic if her bad mood affects the baby’s condition later. So, I came to check on her, and then I’ll take her out to get some fresh air,” Stefania replied, not hiding her purpose of visit.

Although Stefania’s words sounded like she was worried about the baby, Tessa could tell that Stefania was worried about her. This finding sparked so much joy in her heart, for this indicated Stefania had accepted her and began to have concern for her emotions.

“Thank you, Mom, for your concern. I’m fine,” Tessa thanked Stefania with a smile.

Stefania nodded upon hearing that and said, “It’s good that you are fine. Since you guys are going out, I guess I’ll just head back home.”

As soon as those words escaped her lips, Stefania turned around and was ready to get in the car.

Seeing this, Tessa hurriedly called out to her, “Mom, why don’t you come with us? We are going shopping too. We are going to buy things for the baby.”

Stefania was a little touched when she heard Tessa invite her to join them.

“Can I?” she asked while looking at Nicholas hesitantly.

After all, Stefania could tell that Nicholas was very possessive of Tessa when she lived in Vienna last time.

Moreover, Nicholas would try to prevent others from disturbing them as much as possible whenever the two were together.

Sure enough, Tessa had also noticed Stefania’s hesitant gaze, after which she was rendered speechless. Then, she glared coquettishly at Nicholas.

“Mom, of course, you can join us. Besides, you have taken care of Greg before. Furthermore, with you around, you can help out by providing references when I’m buying things for the baby. Isn’t that right, Nicholas?” Tessa cast a sidelong glance at him with a warning in her eyes.

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