Always Been Yours Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Unrepentant

Wanda once again feigned sincerity as she apologized and admitted her mistake. Horace side-eyed her, and under the light, he could see that Wanda’s cheeks were red and swollen.

Earlier, to calm everyone in the Sawyers down, Horace had no choice but to slap Wanda hard. However, no matter how angry he was with Wanda, he still felt sorry for her. “Do your cheeks still hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore,” Wanda replied as she shook her head, dismissing the pain. However, in her heart, she knew that Horace’s anger was gone after he saw the pitiful facade she put up just now.

Then, she lowered her eyes, hiding the raging hatred in her eyes under her long eyelashes. I don’t understand! Why did things turn out this way?! Also, that b*tch, Tessa! It was all thanks to her that I suffered from humiliation today! I will make her life miserable, or I’m not Wanda Muller!

Wanda had clearly bore great resentment toward Tessa for the incident that took place today.

In Dynasty Gardens, after Nicholas returned home, he went straight to the music room when he learned that Tessa was practicing violin with Gregory in the music room.

However, he involuntarily stopped as soon as he reached the door. His eyes gleamed with a soft glow as he looked at the scene in front of him.

Currently, in the music room, Tessa and Gregory stood side by side with their backs facing him. The back silhouettes for this adult and child duo were very sweet.

Not wanting to interrupt such a lovely scene, Nicholas quietly watched them while enjoying the music. He only made his presence known by applauding loudly once the music ended.

It was also at this moment that Tessa and Gregory realized his presence.

“Daddy!” Gregory happily put down his violin and ran toward Nicholas.

As for Tessa, she made her way toward Nicholas slowly while supporting her waist. Then, with a smile, she asked, “When did you come back?”

“I arrived home when you two were playing the violin just now.”

As Nicholas spoke, he naturally reached out and hugged Tessa, letting her cuddle up to him.

When Tessa felt Nicholas’ thoughtfulness, the smile on the corner of her lips became increasingly brighter.

Remembering Nicholas’ purpose of visiting the Sawyer Residence this evening, she asked with concern, “Have you solved the matter?”

Since Nicholas knew Tessa cared so much about this matter, he didn’t hide the truth from her either and immediately answered, “It’s solved, so Wanda probably will restrain herself from committing the same mistake in the future.”

Nicholas suddenly paused for a while at this point. Then, with a bit of guilt in his voice, he added, “I’m sorry for what happened this time. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the fairest outcome for you.”

A sense of warmth filled Tessa’s heart, for she could feel the concern in Nicholas’ words. She knew that Nicholas loved her dearly and had pity for what she had gone through. At the same time, she, too, could understand Nicholas’ dilemma. Therefore, she shook her head while smiling and comforted him by saying, “It’s okay. After all, you need to consider the relationship between the two families.”

Meanwhile, Gregory had only a hazy notion of the conversation. However, he did know that Wanda, who used to come to their house often, bullied Tessa.

At once, he pouted and said in a fierce yet adorable manner, “Daddy, let us forbid Miss Muller from coming to our house in the future. She is a bad person.”

“You are right, Greg. I will forbid her to come in the future,” said Nicholas, agreeing with Gregory’s suggestion.

Tessa, who was beside them, smiled as she listened to the conversation between the two.

Nevertheless, she didn’t stop them from discussing the topic. After all, she wasn’t entirely a magnanimous person. Frankly speaking, I can’t bring myself to act as if nothing happens and treat Wanda like an honorable guest of our family, especially after everything she did. She was someone who tried to destroy my family and robbed me of my husband!

After that, they kept on chatting and laughing for a while before they went back to their respective rooms to rest.

Even so, the incident still came to light on the Internet.

Early the next morning, news condemning Wanda was all over Southend’s Internet.

‘So much for a wellborn heiress. Wrecking another woman’s family with extremely vile means.’

‘Being a mistress under the guise of love! Is this truly how the upbringing of a socialite should be?’

At first, netizens didn’t understand what was going on. However, when they clicked on the headlines and read the articles out of curiosity, they soon realized that Wanda was the real mastermind behind the previous assault incident. In fact, through those articles, netizens also found that Wanda even kidnapped Timothy for her own selfish desire.

For a moment, the entire cyberspace plummeted into a state of shock.

‘F*ck! This has completely blown my mind.’

‘Is this woman desperately longing for love? Must she set her eyes on another woman’s husband?’

‘What’s wrong with the heiresses these days? It looks like they will destroy everything that they can’t get their hands on. Is it because they grew up living an overly privileged life?’

‘Right now, I just want to know if this woman was arrested by the police.’

‘Yeah! I think it’s dangerous to let people with such an extreme personality roam around in the community like this!’

‘All of a sudden, I’m pretty scared of the heiresses around me. I’m really scared that one or maybe some of them will fancy my husband and kill me, as well as get rid of my corpse.’

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