All Too Late Chapter 397

Chapter 397 You Look A Little Familiar

“Mom! Felicia’s your biological granddaughter!” There were tears in Kelly’s eyes.

“Hmph! She’s just a bastard to me. Anyway, if you don’t do as I say, you can forget about seeing her again!” Hannah said expressionlessly.

At first, Kelly had planned to leave. But after being threatened by Hannah, how could she?

Her daughter was in someone else’s hands, so she could only do as she was told.

An hour later, Wynnie had arrived at Hyatt Hotel.

She walked into a private room and sat down.

There were only Hannah and Kelly in the room.

Kelly felt very uncomfortable. She stood up. “Mrs. Macari.”

Wynnie looked at Hannah without expression. “What do you want?”

Hannah looked back at Wynnie. “You’re still the same after all these years.”

Wynnie cast her a side-glance. “Can you stop talking nonsense?”

Hannah smiled meaningfully. “I heard that you’re very lovey-dovey with Calvin. Ah. That’s right. He loves you so much that he did everything and anything to pursue you. Now that you’re married, I’m sure he treats you very well.”


Wynnie slammed the table. “Hannah, don’t you know how to speak like a normal human being without being so cynical?”

Hannah asked with a half-smile, “Oh? I didn’t realize our big lawyer here can’t hold her anger back.”

“I’m not here to listen to your nonsense,” Wynnie said calmly.

Hannah’s eyes flickered at that. “Wynnie, Shane’s older brother, Jaiden Hoover, has a son, and that son is the only heir to the Hoover family.”

“The only heir? What about your daughter then? Isn’t she a daughter of the Hoover family?” Wynnie mocked.

Hannah was taken aback at that.

“There’s no difference between sons and daughters. Don’t you think it’s hilarious that you’re saying that in front of your own daughter?” Wynnie continued.

Kelly lowered her head.

Hannah chuckled coldly. “Hah! Wynnie, not everyone is as lucky as you to marry into a wealthy family and get to have such a kind mother-in-law and husband.”

“We will only be respected by others when we respect ourselves. What you’re doing is belittling yourself. As expected of your superficial friendship with Elena in the past,” Wynnie said in disgust.

Hannah’s face turned purple with rage. “That’s enough, Wynnie!”

Wynnie continued speaking in a disgusted tone, “If you want me to stop, you’d better get to the point now.”

She wasn’t in the mood to waste time talking to Hannah.

Hannah took a deep breath. “The only heir to the Hoover family is very well-protected, but that child has hemophilia. The illness was cured several years back, but who would’ve known it would relapse last year? Now, the entire Hoover family is doing everything to save him. I heard that someone told them that there is a way, which is to look for a person with a special body constitution and feed the latter with a special herb before transfusing their blood to the heir. By doing so, the heir will live.”

Wynnie furrowed her brows. “Is that similar to Zion’s case?”

Hannah replied coldly, “Yes. Now, they know that your granddaughter, Desiree, has that special body constitution.”

Anger flashed in Wynnie’s eyes. “I’ll kill them if they dare to touch her!”

“Wynnie, you can’t go against the Hoover family as you please. You don’t even know anything about them. Why don’t we work together if you want to know about their plans?” Hannah asked meaningfully.

“Work together? How?” Wynnie furrowed her brows.

“Wynnie, your son is single, and so is my daughter. Why don’t they get married? That way, it’s only natural that I would help you,” Hannah said with a half-smile.

“In your dreams!” Wynnie became infuriated instantly.

“Wynnie, you’d better think clearly about it. With my help, you don’t have to worry about Jaiden.” Hannah grinned.

Wynnie’s gaze darkened as she suddenly understood something. “Hah! Hannah, you’re really full of schemes. You pretend that you wish to help me, but actually, you want me to help you get your hands on the Hoover family’s inheritance. You’re really shameless!”

Hannah asked calmly, “Can you really bear to see your granddaughter die?”

Wynnie stood up. “First, if the Hoover family wishes to touch the Macari family, they have to see if they’re worthy. Besides, Desi is my granddaughter and also the daughter of Samuel and Kathleen. Does the Hoover family dare to do anything to her given her parents’ statuses?”

Hannah was speechless.

Wynnie let out a cold laugh. “I don’t think the Hoover family is so fearless that they’d dare to touch Desi! You’d better continue dreaming if you think this can make my son marry your daughter!”

After she said that, Wynnie turned to leave.

Hannah sneered. “Haha! Wynnie, when everyone thought that Calvin was the one who pursued you in the past, I was the only one who knew you had already fallen for him before he did. However, because you are engaged to Jaiden, you used Calvin to call off the engagement. I wonder what will Calvin think of you when he finds out?”

Wynnie clenched her fists tightly at that.

Just then, the door of the private room was pushed open from the outside.

Calvin stood at the door with a half-smile. “Darling, I’m here to take you home.”

Wynnie froze.

Why is he here? Did he hear everything?

Calvin walked in and held her slender waist with his hand. “Have you finished chatting? Can we go home now?”

Wynnie pursed her lips. “How did you know I’m here?”

“Is there anything that I don’t know about when it comes to you?” he asked Wynnie with a meaningful smile before shooting a side-glance at Hannah. “I knew everything you said earlier. The engagement was arranged without Wynn’s knowledge, so it’s natural that she used me to dump Jaiden. I’m not the only one who knows that. Jaiden knows about it as well.”

Wynnie was stunned. Jaiden knows as well?

She looked at Calvin. Just how much does Calvin know that he isn’t telling me?

Hannah had an awkward look on her face.

“Hannah, I’m sure you don’t know the definition of a married couple. Do you dare to let Shane know about your many secrets?” Calvin mocked.

Hannah went stiff.

Calvin narrowed his eyes and asked, “Do you want me to help you see if Shane is willing to stay with you after he finds out?”

He had always been like that—elegant and gentle— with a smile on his face the entire time.

However, he was also ruthless at the same time.

His smile could make one shudder.

Hannah went pale. Of course, she didn’t dare to do that.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Kelly at the side. “You look a little familiar.”

Kelly was stunned.

“She’s my daughter,” Hannah explained.

Calvin said meaningfully, “Ms. Hoover, were you at the Macari residence with Leonard to celebrate Samuel’s birthday many years ago?”

Kelly was taken aback by his words.

She didn’t expect anyone to remember her, let alone that matter.

Hannah furrowed her brows and looked at Kelly. “Many years back? You knew Leonard a long time ago?”

Why didn’t she mention that before?

“Let’s go.” Calvin held Wynnie and turned to leave.

Kelly didn’t know how to answer that.

Hannah was furious. “You’d better explain everything to me! What did he mean?”

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