A Man Like None Other Chapter 2133

Yosef suppressed Jared’s golden dragon in ant instant! He burst into laughter. “I’ve hundreds and thousands of devotees, and my faith energy knows no bounds. If you continue to fight me, you’ll die of exhaustion.”

Yosef continued laughing hysterically, his arrogance fueled by his abundant faith energy. Seeing the arrogant look on his face, Jared began to smirk. “You’re not the only person who possesses faith energy. I’ll show you mine now!” Jared uttered calmly.

“What nonsense are you talking about? How would you have faith energy since you have no devotees?” Yosef retorted, not believing that Jared could possess any faith energy.

“I have more devotees than just hundreds and thousands. You’re no match for me!” After speaking, Jared swiftly performed a series of intricate hand seals, channeling his energy into a burst of blinding light that shot up into the sky.

At that moment, all of Jared’s statues in Jetroina, thousands of miles away, began to shimmer. Thousands of statues instantly emitted faith. energy, and they converged together and rapidly headed toward Jared’s direction!

Faith energy coming from all over Jetroina was much more powerful than Yosef’s! The overwhelming faith energy blanketed the entire sky as it rushed toward Jared at lightning speed.

“Are you done bragging? Who do you think you are to deserve faith energy?” Sherman sneered at Jared. The latter ignored him and waited quietly.

The Enlightened One was still dueling with the golden dragon. It was apparent that the latter was running out of momentum, but Jared remained unfazed by it.

The overpowering faith energy continued to traverse the ocean and penetrate the mountains. Meanwhile, on the peak of a pristine mountain, an elderly man sat on a rock, teaching his disciples about cultivation methods.

When the faith energy zoomed through the sky, the elderly man could not help but look up. “How can there be such powerful faith energy? This is weird. So weird.”

The elderly man knitted his brows and turned to a man and woman. “Archer, Skyler, I need you to follow that trail of faith energy and find out who or what possesses such incredible power.” The man and woman stood up and nodded.

“Yes, Master.” Soon, they rode on the magic swords and flew in the direction of the faith energy. At the same time, in the desolate lands of Chanaea, a group of figures were also hurtling toward the direction of the faith energy with astonishing swiftness.

The summoning of the faith energy had caused a ripple effect across some of the secret sects and gangs in the martial arts world, which Jared was completely unaware of!

Roar! The golden dragon in the air let out intermittent roars as it was defeated by the Enlightened One’s powerful palm strike. Soon after, the dragon’s body disintegrated into a shower of golden glitter that vanished in the blink of an eye. Jared’s golden dragon was completely vanquished! Upon noticing that, Sherman laughed haughtily.

“You’ve lost! Where is your faith energy? I’ve been waiting for so long, but I still don’t see it,” mocked Sherman, who walked up to Jared to provoke him. “Be patient. It’ll arrive soon,” Jared responded in a calm voice.

“Stop pretending! Is your faith energy coming from outer space? How much longer are we supposed to wait? Your tricks won’t buy you any time. It’s useless because you’re going to die for sure!” Sherman scoffed.

Just as he finished speaking, he noticed a sudden change in the sky. An overpowering aura was rapidly approaching their direction! Sherman was taken aback as he thought a formidable martial artist was coming. After all, it was impossible for an average warrior to emit such an overwhelming aura.

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