A Man Like None Other Chapter 2132

“You’re so awesome, Mr. Jenkins! With your abilities, you can even take command of the entire martial arts world.” Sherman gazed at Yosef in admiration.

“Hahaha! Taking command of the entire martial arts world is an exaggeration, but eliminating a weak Martial Arts Saint like this brat is just a simple task!” Yosef guffawed..

“Don’t be so modest, Mr. Jenkins. Every member of the martial arts world will revere you in the future.” Sherman flattered Yosef relentlessly. “A newly-advanced Martial Arts God like you. think you can command the entire martial arts world? Have you no shame?”

Right after Sherman finished his sentence, Jared’s voice sounded from the deep hole. Everyone was stunned. Immediately afterward, Jared walked out of the pit with golden light enveloping his figure.

Sherman was dumbfounded as he stared at Jared in disbelief. He couldn’t believe Jared. could emerge unscathed after enduring such a powerful strike. Even Yosef furrowed his brows, feeling somewhat incredulous. “You’re not dead?” he asked while narrowing his eyes at Jared.

“I told you I can easily do away with even a veteran Martial Arts God, so how would I die at the hands of a newly-advanced Martial Arts God like you? Moreover, as a monk, you’ve strayed from the righteous path and committed heinous acts. Therefore, it’s you who deserves to die.”

Jared brandished Dragonslayer Sword and emanated righteous energy. “You’re welcome to try!” Yosef scoffed. The next second, the gigantic golden palm materialized again and fell in Jared’s direction.

Jared’s body suddenly swayed while he was wielding Dragonslayer Sword. Countless sword energies were unleashed from Dragonslayer Sword and slashed toward the giant palm.

When the two forces slammed into each other, the colossal palm instantly vanished without a trace. Seeing that, Yosef immediately took out his shining prayer beads.

He muttered a series of chants while fiddling with the prayer beads.  A giant figure of the Enlightened One gradually formed behind Yosef, illuminating the entire Kusch Monastery with holy light.

In response, Jared released the Power of Dragons. A golden dragon swiftly appeared behind him, flying in circles in the air. Everyone was utterly stunned by the scene before them.

The golden dragon and the Enlightened One were sacred existences venerated by the crowd, yet they were battling one another at the moment.

The golden dragon and the Enlightened One fought fiercely amidst the envelopment of holy light. Yosef chanted more rapidly, bathing himself in holy light.

Thunder rumbled as the golden dragon and the Enlightened One exchanged blows. At that instant, the sky shook as if space-time was about to be torn apart.

Jared and Yosef were desperately draining their energies to maintain the battle between the golden dragon and the Enlightened One. As time ticked by, beads of sweat began to form on Yosef’s forehead.

He didn’t expect a Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint like Jared to be equipped with such tremendous strength and could persist for so long. Soon, the holy light on the Enlightened One started to fade. Yosef was also gritting his teeth, trying his best to hold out.

In contrast, Jared appeared calm and composed. Yosef fathomed he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer if that fight dragged on. Yosef hung the prayer beads around his neck. and raised both hands high above his head. “God is merciful. To all the believers, muster your devout faith to receive the Enlightened One’s protection!”

After Yosef shouted, many believers knelt on the floor one after the other. Faith energy flowed out continuously from their heads, converging on Yosef’s body.

Even the statues inside Kusch Monastery. emitted and channeled faith energy into Yosef. At that instant, Yosef seemed to be immersed in an ocean of endless faith energy. The fading holy light on the Enlightened One shone brightly again, and its size also expanded significantly.

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