A Man Like None Other Chapter 2128

The girl was clearly shy and frightened, and she tightly closed her eyes. Seeing this, Jared’s frown deepened as he spoke. “How could you, a monk, do such a shameless thing? You deserve to die.”

Alef laughed and replied, “So what if I’m a monk? I practice Blissful Ritual. I can’t go a day without a woman.” He continued, “You, a puny Fifth Level Martial Arts Saint, dare to cause trouble at Kusch Monastery. Are you tired of living?”

Alef guffawed and didn’t take Jared’s criticism seriously. “Master Alef, don’t waste your breath. Just kill him,” Sherman urged Alef. His eyes couldn’t help but wander over to the woman in Alef’s arms.

“It’s easy to kill him,” Alef said with a faint smile. He suddenly pushed the woman to the side and then placed his hand on her head. In an instant, the woman turned into at desiccated corpse. Sherman was shocked at the sight, but Alef just laughed and said, “The taste of women is just too good…”

Alef waved his wide sleeves, and the ground right in front of them responded with a powerful tremble. As the ground shook, a group of puppets slowly emerged from the very depths of the earth. These puppets looked as if they had crawled out of the depths of a nightmare. Their auras evoked a primal fear within everyone present.

As Jared laid his eyes on them, his brows furrowed involuntarily. It was evident that each puppet had already attained the rank of Martial Arts Saint.

Jared realized that these puppets were not zombie puppets made from corpses because it would be impossible to find so many corpses that had achieved the rank of Martial Arts Saint. Moreover, if one were to use a corpse to make a zombie puppet, the zombie puppet’s strength would decrease significantly compared to when it was alive.

Therefore, if one wanted to make a zombie puppet that had the rank of Martial Arts Saint, one would need to find a corpse at the advanced phase of Martial Arts Saint, which was extremely rare and almost nonexistent.

Thus, these puppets were not zombie puppets made through such a method. Instead, they were cultivated through a different and unique method. In fact, these puppets emitted a much stronger aura compared to zombie puppets.

“It’s impressive that you, a promiscuous monk, have the ability to cultivate puppets that reach the level of a Martial Arts Saint.” Jared expressed his intrigue as he gazed upon the puppets.

Alef sneered, “My abilities go beyond just these puppets. Today is your unlucky day since you have the misfortune of running into me.” With a wave of his hand, he ordered his puppets to attack Jared.

The puppets’ minds were blank, so they were fearless. They attacked Jared with their full strength by lifting their fists and lunging at him. Jared swiftly dodged, causing several puppets to crash onto the ground and form a deep pit.

Sherman laughed maniacally. “Hahaha, Jared, let’s see if you can still be so arrogant now. These puppets at the Martial Arts Saint level have no thoughts and aren’t afraid of death, so how will you deal with them?”

“If you want to see, then I’ll show you,” Jared replied, his palms glowing. Dealing with these Martial Arts Saint puppets was no problem for him since he simply treated them as mindless machines. Clenching his fists, Jared charged forward like lightning, punching his way into the group of puppets.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The sound of impact echoed as the puppets were knocked back and crashed onto the ground. Alef furrowed his eyebrows, surprised by Jared’s strength. He had not expected Jared to be able to knock back several Martial Arts Saint-level puppets in an instant.

“Kid, I didn’t expect you to hide your strength,” Alef said coldly.

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