A Man Like None Other Chapter 2125

“All right. Once you solve this round, I’ll answer your question,” Bartholomew said, pointing at the chessboard in front of him. Jared glanced at it and was dumbfounded. He did not even know how to play chess, so how was he supposed to solve the game?

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Doyle, but I don’t know the rules of chess, so I won’t be able to solve this. But if you answer my question, I can give you any sum of money you ask for,” Jared told him. “If you don’t know how chess works, then stop disturbing me. I don’t need your money, so scram.”

Bartholomew impatiently waved Jared away. Jared was at a loss. All he could do was remain rooted to his spot as he quietly looked at the chessboard in front of him.

Meanwhile, Bartholomew stopped paying attention to Jared and Fernando as he returned his focus to the game. Right as Jared was feeling stumped, he abruptly recalled the Wordless Tome in his mind. With that, he parted his lips and said, “Mr. Doyle, will you answer my question if I were to solve this game?”

“Of course. As long as you solve this game for me, I’ll answer any questions you have for me as long as I do actually have the answers. It’s not as if I know everything that goes on in the martial arts world,” Bartholomew said as he raised his head, Jared nodded. He then took a seat opposite Bartholomew and grabbed the chessboard with one of his hands.

In the next second, he injected a wave of spiritual energy into the board. In no time, the history of the board and the solution to the game manifested in Jared’s mind.

With a small smile, Jared said, “Mr. Doyle, this is a game set up by a chess genius. If you want to solve this game, you’ll have to do this.” As Jared spoke, he moved one chess piece. after another. In no time, the seemingly- unsolvable game was resolved by Jared..

Bartholomew stared at the scene with wide eyes, shocked out of his mind. “This… This was an unsolvable game I’d been mulling over for years, but you solved it so easily!”

A look of disbelief was on Bartholomew’s face. “And you say you didn’t know the rules of chess! Still, I gave you a promise. You can start asking me the questions now.” Hearing that, Jared exclaimed, “May I know where Kusch Monastery is, Mr. Doyle?”

“Kusch Monastery is located on the top of Scarp Mountain of the Southwest Region. I’m sure quite a number of people know about Kusch Monastery as there are many believers in Kusch Monastery. Do you really need to come to me for a question like this?” Bartholomew asked in surprise.

A sheepish expression crossed Jared’s face. How am I supposed to know that Kusch Monastery is a popular place? No one around me has heard of this monastery!

“All right, think of that question as a free question for you. Is there anything else you want to know?” Bartholomew asked. After a moment of contemplation, Jared asked, “Mr. Doyle, do you know about the Spring of Regeneration? Also, are there many isolated sects in the martial arts world?”

“I’m surprised that a young man like you know about Spring of Regeneration. But I don’t know where it is. Even though I’m known for my vast knowledge, I’m not all-knowing. But there are plenty of reclusive sects in the martial arts world. There are nine sects that are the most powerful among the many sects. If any one of them exits their self-imposed isolation, an uproar will overtake the martial arts world,” Bartholomew replied.

“Then where are these sects at, Mr. Doyle? Why can’t we find them around?” Jared curiously asked. “I’ve answered your question, but you keep asking me more. You should hurry back. The sects have isolated themselves, and it’s best if you don’t cross them. If you do, you’ll be digging an early grave for yourself.”

With that said, Bartholomew waved his hands dismissively. At that, Jared had no choice but to stand up and bid his farewell. Nevertheless, he had found out where Kusch Monastery was. He was going to take revenge on Pascal and his son first. As for the location of Spring of Regeneration… Jared decided to start his search from those reclusive sects.

Jared was certain that Spring of Regeneration had to be located in one of the reclusive sects’ territories. Otherwise, others would have learned of its location a long time ago.

After bidding Fernando goodbye, Jared went straight to Kusch Monastery. He had boiling rage in him, and he was going to torment Pascal and his son to death.

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