A Man Like None Other Chapter 2120

Moreover, Cecilia was the oldest among them, and everyone knew about her relationship with. Jared. Hence, all of them obeyed her instructions without question.

Soon, someone went to Medicine God Sect to look for Axton, while some began repairing the damaged gate. In the meantime, some stopped the news from spreading.

Deragon Sect was the biggest sect in Jadeborough’s martial arts world, and Jared was also the revered idol of many sects and prestigious families in Jadeborough’s martial arts world.

If the news about Deragon Sect being challenged, their gates being destroyed, and countless disciples getting killed was spread, it would greatly affect Deragon Sect’s and Jared’s reputation.

With Cecilia in charge, peace and stability were restored at Deragon Sect. At the same time, Axton hurried there as soon as he got the news. However, the moment he saw Godrick’s and Flaxseed’s injury, his face took on a grim look. “Mr. Knox, how are they? Can Mr. Flaxseed still be saved?” Jessica asked nervously.

“Ms. Zimmerman, Mr. Flaxseed’s injury is too severe. All his veins and bones are crushed. I’m afraid not even the gods can help him. Even if I manage to save his life, he won’t be able to stand. He could end up as a cripple,” said Axton with a sigh. “But…”

Tears streamed down Jessica’s face as she gazed at the unconscious Flaxseed. “Mr. Knox, you’ve got to save Mr. Flaxseed…” she implored while getting to her knees, begging Axton to do something. “Please don’t be like this, Ms. Zimmerman. There’s really nothing I can do.”

Axton appeared troubled.”Is there really nothing you can do?” Cecilia asked. “I’m not sure about that. Our only option is to let Mr. Chance examine them,” said Axton while shaking his head.

“But Jared’s in the secret realm now. No one knows when he’ll come out,” Cecilia uttered, frowning. Jared had brought Josephine and the others into the secret realm. There was no telling when they would come out, but Flaxseed and Godrick were running out of time.

“I can only do my best to help them hang on a little longer. There’s really nothing else I can do,” said Axton helplessly. “I’ll go to the secret realm to look for Mr.. Chance,” said Jessica after making up her mind.

“Don’t act rashly, Ms. Zimmerman. Jared warned us about the possibility of getting stuck in the secret realm even though it posed no danger. Renee, Melanie, and the others are the best example,” Cecilia advised. “I’m going to look for him, even if it means getting trapped in the secret realm.”

Jessica’s eyes shone with determination. Seeing how adamant Jessica was, Cecilia could only remind her, “Please be careful, then. Don’t tell him about the situation first if you find him. It’s best to not make him too anxious, or he might end up acting recklessly and getting into trouble.”

“I understand.” With that, Jessica headed straight for the secret realm’s entrance behind Warriors Alliance. Upon opening the entrance, she stepped into the secret realm without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Jared and the others were still in Boundless Cave. He was still trying to figure out what were the statues’ deal and the identity of the person whose face he failed to catch a glimpse of.

Why did the eight elders of Divine Quest Sect turn into statues? And why did such a major sect disappear so suddenly? There are so many mysteries behind this! Hence, Jared was doing his best to unravel the secrets in an attempt to get Josephine and the others out of here.

“Don’t get too hung up over it, Jared. We might be stuck in this secret realm, but we’re not in danger. Besides, this place is not bad. Some things take time, so you have to take it slow and easy. I’m sure you’ll help us get out of here eventually,” Josephine assured.

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