A Man Like None Other Chapter 2118

If they created too big of a ruckus and alerted Arthur, they would be in huge trouble. The fact that Arthur was backing Jared up meant the two were on good terms.

Yosef scoffed and chided Pascal, “You’re such a coward. No one in Jadeborough’s martial arts world would pose a threat to me as long as members from those prestigious families and secret realms don’t show up.”

Pascal was cowed into silence after hearing that. In the meantime, many Deragon Sect disciples rushed over upon hearing the gate collapse. The moment they spotted Yosef and company, the disciples were enraged and charged at their opponents with weapons.

Deragon Sect was currently renowned in the martial arts world. In fact, no one in the whole of Chanaea’s martial arts world would dare to offend them, let alone in Jadeborough’s martial arts world.

Still, the trio actually had the audacity to cause trouble at Deragon Sect. Needless to say, the members of the sect would not let things slide without a fight.

Facing the attacks of Deragon Sect’s disciples, Yosef merely sneered and waved his sleeve. Powerful energy gushed out, sending all those disciples flying backward. They each coughed up mouthfuls of blood, while some even died on the spot.

Just then, Godrick arrived with several men in tow. He scowled at Yosef and the others while asking, “Who are you people? How dare you cause a ruckus at Deragon Sect?”

“Where’s Jared? Tell him to come out and face his doom. He stole something of ours, so we’re going to make him pay the price!” Sherman shouted as he took a step forward.

“Our leader’s not here. Who are you people?” asked Godrick again. “Not here? I bet he’s hiding. If he doesn’t come out, I’m going to destroy this whole place.”

Sherman sounded extremely assertive because he had Yosef backing him up. “Since you people aren’t willing to tell me your names, I see no reason for me to show mercy.”

With that, Godrick thrust a palm at Sherman. “Hmph. You’re just a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. How dare you act so arrogantly?” Yosef’s gaze was filled with disdain. He curled his lips into a contemptuous smile before waving his palm.

Immediately, Godrick froze. He felt as if his body was being crushed by a thousand-pound rock. Remaining on his feet was tough enough, not to mention taking a step forward. Following sharp cracking sounds, all the blood vessels in Godrick’s body began exploding, and blood spurted out of his orifices.

Thud! In the end, Godrick could no longer hold on and fell unconscious to the ground. His body was covered in blood, and there was no telling whether he was dead or alive.

The disciples’ expressions promptly turned grim when they witnessed the scene. “Tell Jared to come out!” Sherman demanded. “He’s really not here!” someone responded.

“Not here?” A vicious glint flashed past Sherman’s eyes, and he swiftly disappeared before reappearing among the crowd of disciples. Several wails of agony rang out before some of the disciples collapsed to the ground.

“Is he here or not?” Sherman asked with a murderous aura. The disciples of Deragon Sect were in shock. Yet, they all stood their ground and refused to escape. Despite knowing that they would not stand a chance against Sherman, they remained there fearlessly.

“How tough. Let’s see if Jared will appear when I kill all of you.” At that, Sherman made a grabbing motion in the air, and bursts of his martial energy rushed toward the disciples of Deragon Sect.

Although Sherman could not defeat Jared, defeating the ordinary disciples of Deragon Sect was a piece of cake for him. The disciples’ expressions changed drastically in the face of Sherman’s terrifying martial energy.

At that moment, however, several rays of golden light flashed across the area, and golden talismans appeared in front of Deragon Sect’s disciples.

The talismans deflected the martial energy before an explosion occurred. Sherman frowned at the sight. Next, Flaxseed approached, walking in mid-air.

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