A Man Like None Other Chapter 2111

“Josephine? Josephine!” Jared called out to her in a state of panic, but Josephine was unconscious and did not respond at all. Jared quickly pumped some spiritual energy into her body, but he couldn’t find out what was wrong with her.

What’s going on here? She was perfectly fine just moments ago! Why would she pass out all of a sudden? He was snapped out of his train of thought. when Colin and Cecilia came rushing over.

Renee and Melanie, too, had passed out and exhibited the same symptoms as Josephine. All three of them were in such a weakened state that they were barely breathing.

“What is going on, Jared? Renee was just fine last night!” Colin asked. “Melanie was okay too when she returned last night, but I couldn’t wake her up just now!” Cecilia exclaimed. Jared’s forehead creased with worry as he had no idea what was causing this either..

After giving it some thought, he told Cecilia, “Cecilia, I need you to help look after Josephine for me. I’ll go ask Mr. Sanders if he knows anything about this.”

Arthur was the only person Jared could go to for help at that point. Mr. Sanders seems to know everything, so he might be able to help me out here! Cecilia nodded. “All right. Make it quick, though. They seem to be in pretty bad shape.”

Jared then rushed straight to the Department of Justice, only to see Xavier standing outside. the front door. Well, this is quite a surprise. Xavier is the captain of the Law Enforcement Department. Why would someone of his status be standing at the entrance of the building?

Xavier was a little surprised when he saw Jared show up. Whoa… Mr. Sanders was right about Jared coming over today! “Captain Jennings, I-”

“Are you here to see Mr. Sanders?” Xavier cut him off. Jared nodded. “Yes, I am.” “Mr. Sanders isn’t in, but he did ask me to hand you this envelope,” Xavier said while handing Jared the envelope. Jared had a puzzled look on his face as he took the envelope over. How did Mr. Sanders know that I’d be coming over today?

His expression turned gloomy the moment he opened the envelope and read the letter inside. “Captain Jennings, I know Mr. Sanders is in there. Will you please let me see him?” Jared pleaded.

Xavier shook his head in response. “Mr. Sanders isn’t in right now. Even if he is, he doesn’t want to see you. I’m simply following Mr. Sanders’ orders, so please don’t make this any more difficult for me.”

“Captain Jennings, I need to see Mr. Sanders no matter what,” Jared said with a determined look in his eyes. Xavier frowned when he heard that. “What are you talking about, Jared? Are you going to force your way into the Department of Justice?”

“If Mr. Sanders won’t see me, then that is exactly what I will do!” Jared replied as he charged right into the building. “Hey, Jared! You-”

Xavier tried to stop him, but Jared’s intense. aura sent him flying before he could even get close. Jared had become so powerful that even Xavier couldn’t even close the distance between them.

“Jared, do you have any idea how many laws you’d be breaking if you barge into the Department of Justice and confront Mr. Sanders? Don’t think you can do as you please simply because Mr. Sanders is on your side! You could be executed for this! Do you hear me?” Xavier shouted at the top of his voice as he ran after Jared.

“I’m sorry, Captain Jennings, but I need to see Mr. Sanders even if it will get me executed!” Jared replied solemnly as he ran straight for Arthur’s office. Xavier was about to get in his way when the door opened from the inside. “Let him in, Captain Jennings,” Arthur called out to him from inside the office.

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