A Man Like None Other Chapter 2108

They got a little scared when they saw the vicious look on Jared’s face. “W-What has gotten into him, Josephine? Is something bad going to happen?” Renee was so scared that her voice cracked.

Josephine’s eyes were filled with anxiousness as she stared at Jared. She wanted to know what was going on, but his intense aura prevented them from getting close to him. After about ten minutes, the aura around Jared’s body vanished, and he collapsed weakly to the ground. “Jared!”

Josephine, Renee, and Melanie ran up to him as quickly as their legs could carry them. Despite lying on the ground with his forehead drenched in sweat, Jared had a huge smile on his face. “Haha… Hahahaha!”

Josephine and the others were utterly confused when they saw him laughing. “A-Are you all right, Jared? What has gotten into you?” Renee asked nervously when she saw him laughing.

“Are you okay, Jared?” Josephine asked with a worried look on her face. Jared then sat up straight and exclaimed excitedly. “I’ve got it! We can finally get out of here!”

“What did you get, Jared?” Melanie asked. Josephine and Renee were equally confused as they had no idea what Jared was going on about. After taking a moment to calm himself down, Jared said, “I know how to access the exit to this secret realm!”

Jared had been using all of his energy to detect the secret realm’s exit. He wanted to test if Wordless Tome would have information on the exit. To his surprise, it actually did provide him with the said information.

According to the information in Wordless Tome, this secret realm belonged to Divine Quest Sect. The fact that Divine Quest Sect used to own such a huge secret realm showed just how powerful it used to be. However, all members of Divine Quest Sect mysteriously disappeared hundreds of years ago, and Evil Heart Sect took over this secret realm.

Evil Heart Sect had never truly used this secret realm before, though. Thus, very few of its members had actually been in here. Wordless Tome was Divine Quest Sect’s prized possession, so Jared had no idea how it ended up in Arthur’s hands. Having learned the secret realm’s past, Jared was able to figure out the way to leave the place.

“How do you know so much about this secret realm, Jared? Also, what’s with that Boundless Cave? Do you know about that as well?” Renee asked curiously. They wanted to know why the three of them experienced those strange sensations after entering it.

“Hmm…” Jared used his spiritual sense to glance at Wordless Tome in his mind, but there was no mention of Boundless Cave anywhere. “That’s strange… Could it be that Boundless Cave was something Evil Heart Sect created. later on? That wouldn’t make sense either. Wordless Tome clearly indicated the location of Boundless Cave earlier on.”

Jared went into deep thought as he tried to figure out why Wordless Tome had no information on Boundless Cave. “Forget about it, Jared. Since you know the way out, let’s just get out of here!” Josephine urged him impatiently.

She had been spending a lot of time in the secret realm, so she really missed her family. “Sure thing!” Jared nodded and made his way to a specific spot using the information from Wordless Tome.

He then waved his fingers in the air and chanted an incantation. The next thing they knew, a bright light flashed in front of them, and a door of light slowly appeared before their very eyes.

Jared and the others got excited when they saw the door. “We can finally get out of here!” Josephine could barely contain the raging excitement inside her heart.

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