A Man Like None Other Chapter 2104

Jared was puzzled how Wordless Tome, which was empty not long ago, became filled with words the moment it landed in the statue’s hand. Does that mean the book belongs to this statue?

Looking at the glowing Wordless Tome, Jared was eager to find out what was written on the pages, so he took it down from the statue’s hand. As soon as he took it down, the words on it disappeared all of a sudden!

In response, he quickly put the book in the statue’s hand, the pages became filled with densely packed words just as before again. Jared had no choice but to lean against the statue to study the contents in the book.

While Jared was checking out the words in the book, his body emitted a faint light. A vague specter gradually slipped into the statue without him realizing it.

Yet, he was so absorbed in the book that he failed to notice the changes in his surroundings. As he finished reading a page and prepared to turn to the next, the previous page vanished in the blink of an eye!

Jared was taken aback for a moment, but before he could react, Wordless Tome began to turn transparent, as if it could disappear at any moment!

Panicked, he immediately focused his attention on the book, darting his eyes rapidly through the pages. As he was busy memorizing the contents of the book, an image of Wordless Tome began to take shape in his mind.

While Jared was completely engrossed in reading the book, transparent specters gradually drifted out of the body of Josephine and the other girls. The statue promptly absorbed the specters once they departed their body.

After absorbing the specters, the statue shimmered with a faint glow that eventually dissipated in seconds. As the specters left their body, Josephine and the others regained their consciousness. The strange sensations they experienced in their body also vanished without a trace.

“Josephine…” Renee let out a long breath before running toward Josephine. “Are you all right, Renee?” Josephine asked. “I’m fine.” Renee shook her head. The two girls turned towards Melanie and observed that she, too, had reverted back to her normal state.

“Melanie, why are your clothes so messy?” Renee was surprised to see how disheveled she looked. It was as if someone had stripped her down not long ago.

“I have no idea either…” Melanie replied while tidying her clothes. “This cave is truly peculiar. The moment I walked in, I felt like stepping into a massive furnace and was surrounded by flames,” Josephine remarked with a slight frown.

“Yeah, me too. I felt as if I’d entered an ice cave filled with frost. The intense chill was utterly terrifying,” Renee added. “How about you, Melanie? What did you experience when you entered the cave?” Josephine turned to Melanie and inquired.

“I…” Melanie opened her mouth, but words caught in her throat. She could not bring herself to describe the lewd and embarrassing scenes she had seen. Upon noticing her blushed face and hesitation to speak, Josephine seemed to have an inkling of what Melanie had experienced.

“It seems that the strangeness of the cave is connected to our individual physiques. Renee saw frost and felt cold because of her frosty constituent, and since I have a fiery constituent, I witnessed flames and felt hot,” Josephine deduced carefully.

“What about Melanie? Given her natural aptitude to bewitch, what did she see? Could it be…” Renee trailed off, looking at Melanie in shock. Josephine also cast an inquisitive glance at Melanie, eager to confirm her hypothesis.

With Josephine and Renee’s gaze fixed upon her, Melanie could only blush and bob her head in response. “What I experienced after entering the cave was actually what you thought of…”

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