A Man Like None Other Chapter 2096

Hearing that, Josephine could only return the book to Melanie and then said, “How are you two doing right now? If possible, we need to familiarize ourselves with this secret realm first!”

“We’re fine.” Renee and Melanie both nodded. Afterward, Josephine led the two of them to explore the secret realm. However, as they proceeded, she didn’t encounter anyone from Evil Heart Sect or even a demon beast.

It was unusual for such a vast secret realm to have no demon beasts, as they were resources in the secret realm. The demon beasts were ultimately destined to have their beast cores devoured by cultivators to aid the latter in their cultivation.

Oddly, that secret realm had nothing, not even a trace of living creatures’ aura. Nevertheless, the environment of the secret realm was quite pleasant and not harsh, which spared the three women a lot of hardship. After walking for some distance, Melanie began to struggle.

After all, she was just an ordinary person, unlike Josephine and Renee, who could persevere even without food or drink. Taking in Melanie’s demeanor, Josephine had no choice but to stop and rest.

“Renee, watch over Melanie. I’ll go look for wild fruits or something similar that we can eat.” Since the secret realm lacked living creatures, they could only search for sustenance, such as wild fruits, to quell their hunger.

Josephine went to look for something edible. Meanwhile, not far from them, Jared sat cross- legged, unleashing Focus Technique to its limit to absorb the spiritual energy around him.

During that period, he had already scoured the entire secret realm but couldn’t find an exit. There was no way out on the peaks of mountains or depths of rivers.

The surroundings of the secret realm were full of chaos. Jared had once tried to pass through the chaos as he did in Demon Sect, hoping to leave the secret realm.

However, he couldn’t even take a single step into the chaos, as it was filled with turbulent space-time flows and was impossible to traverse.

As a result, Jared could only focus on improving his cultivation at that moment and pin his hopes on Flaxseed and the others, wishing they could find a way to open the entrance. While Jared was cultivating, a sudden ripple flashed through his mind, indicating that his spiritual sense had detected an aura fluctuation.

“There’s someone here?” Jared abruptly opened his eyes. A look of indescribable excitement spread across his face. Following the feeling of his spiritual sense, Jared quickly moved toward the location of the aura fluctuation.

At the same time, Josephine was searching for food, completely unaware that someone was approaching her. Just like that, the distance between the two gradually shortened.

As they got closer to one another, Jared could clearly sense the familiarity of that aura. “Josephine’s aura? Could it be her? Is she really confined in this place?”

Grinning ear to ear, Jared quickened his pace. Soon, a figure appeared before his vision. When he saw the person in front of him, Jared instantly froze. He stood unmoving in his spot as if he had been immobilized by a spell. His facial expression was a mix of emotions,

changing from surprised to thrilled and finally to bewildered. I’ve searched the entire secret realm and found no one, so how did Josephine suddenly show up now?

At that instant, Josephine looked up and saw the stunned Jared, prompting her to fall into a daze too. The two stood rooted in their spots, staring at each other without speaking. Still, the excitement and exhilaration in their eyes were evident.

“Jared!” Finally, after several minutes of holding one another’s gaze, Josephine called out and ran toward him. “Josephine!” Jared dashed in her direction as well. Shortly after, the couple embraced each other tightly. Sensing Josephine’s warmth, Jared channeled a stream of spiritual energy into her.

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