A Man Like None Other Chapter 2094

Melanie panicked when she saw Renee getting abducted. “Wait a minute!” she screamed. Malphas turned over his shoulder and asked, “What do you want?”

Without warning, Melanie’s lips curled into an alluring smile as her eyes crinkled up affectionately. Melanie was exuding a captivating aura that could make any man fall for her. She was planning on using her Charm Magic to save Renee.

Malphas was taken aback by Melanie’s response. Suddenly, he felt her aura and was stunned. Assuming she had succeeded, Melanie slowly made her way toward Malphas. Renee was still struggling to free herself from Malphas’ grip.

Malphas suddenly looked up at the sky and burst out laughing. “Oh, to think I’ve been searching far and wide all this time. I can’t believe I stumbled upon two humans with unique constituents! It must be fate. My journey to the mundane world has not been in vain!”

Melanie was taken aback by the sudden turn of events. She tried to run away, but Malphas extended his palm, and an immense force pulled her toward him.

Malphas held both girls in his hands as a pleased expression crossed his face. He blew out a dark mist from his mouth that left Renee and Melanie feeling paralyzed, unable to struggle any further.

Upon returning to the Demon Sect’s secret realm, Malphas fixed his gaze upon Renee and Melanie, both of whom were now unconscious. A glint appeared in his eyes, hinting at a sinister intention.

He had yet to engage in sexual activity ever since he regained his physical form. Thus, the sight of two gorgeous ladies lying in front of him was too much for him to bear.

Malphas couldn’t help but grow excited as he recalled that they were both Jared’s women. This is the perfect way to get revenge on Jared! He vowed, “Jared, I’ll record everything and show it to you later!” A lecherous grin spread on his lips as he pounced toward Melanie and Renee.

Slap! Right when Malphas leaped into the air, a stinging slap was delivered to his cheek, causing him to fly backward. When Tanner’s body slowly materialized, Malphas trembled in fright and dropped to his knees.

Tanner fixed him with a frosty glare. “Didn’t I remind you to take good care of those with unique constituents instead of harming them? Are you blatantly going against my orders?” Tanner’s terrifying voice nearly made Malphas pee his pants.

“Lord Tanner, please forgive me. I wasn’t in my right mind. I dare not make the same mistake again!” Malphas quickly groveled at Tanner’s feet, begging for his forgiveness. Tanner asked, “Why didn’t you report to me that Josephine has gone on a hunger strike for a few days?”

Malphas quickly explained, “I was busy trying to figure out a solution. Josephine isn’t weak at all, so I didn’t think it was worth reporting to you!” Tanner told him, “Imprison the girls along with Josephine in the secret realm where Jared is being held.”

Malphas was surprised to hear that. Confused, he inquired, “Lord Tanner, won’t this allow Jared to reunite with his girlfriends? How are we going to draw Josephine’s fresh blood that way?”

Tanner let out a cold laugh and complimented, “I want them to reunite so Jared will be pacified. Even if they are reunited, they can’t escape the secret realm! Stop drawing Josephine’s blood. Her blood is insignificant compared to her unique constituent. You did well to capture two humans with unique constituents. Keep up the good work. When we break free from the secret realm and conquer the mundane world, I will reward you with your own piece of land to rule!”

It was obviously a carrot and stick approach. “I swear I’ll do my best, Lord Tanner!” Malphas replied excitedly. He was over the moon.

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