A Man Like None Other Chapter 2091

The girls were taken aback when they heard Arthur swearing. Nevertheless, their apprehension dissipated, and they felt more at ease in his presence.

Cecilia slowly and hesitantly approached Arthur before falling to her knees before Arthur. “Mr. Sanders, please save Jared. I’m willing to do anything for you to agree to save him. I can. even sacrifice my life!” she begged.

Seeing that, the other girls also sank to their knees and begged Arthur to save Jared from the secret realm. Arthur’s gaze swept over them as he asked, “None of you are his girlfriend. Why are you begging me to help him?”

Renee raised her head and said resolutely, “Jared saved my life, and my life belongs to him. I’m willing to die if that is what it takes to save him.” Renee was the youngest among them, but the unwavering determination in her eyes showed her willingness to do whatever it took to help Jared.

Cecilia prostrated herself and begged, “Some of us had been saved by Jared, and some of us harbored romantic feelings for him. Anyway, we’re all willing to sacrifice our lives for him. Please help us to save him, Mr. Sanders.”

Arthur gazed at them with a proud expression before breaking into a smile. “I wonder how Jared will feel when he finds out that you are willing to give up your lives for his sake. However, I must remind you that your lives are of little value in this society. Even if you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, that won’t do anything to alter Jared’s fate. If you truly wish to support him, the only way is to strengthen your own capabilities so that you can assist him in times of need instead of begging for help from others.”

Arthur’s words went into their hearts like an iron shard. They might be somewhat capable, but the stronger Jared got, the more obstacles he would encounter.

Besides praying for Jared’s safety every day, they didn’t seem capable of doing anything else. “Thank you for your advice, Mr. Sanders!” Cecilia replied solemnly as she gave him a polite bow.

They vowed to work hard to cultivate so that they could be an asset to Jared instead of a burden. They no longer desired to be seen as attractive individuals without intellectual prowess.

Arthur declared, “I will be giving you an array of techniques that you can learn. Ultimately, how much you can benefit from them will be determined by your aptitude and luck.”

As he spoke, he gently waved his hand, and suddenly the girls were struck with an epiphany. Upon that realization, the girls quickly bowed to Arthur and thanked him hastily.

“All right. You can leave now,” Arthur declared with a dismissive wave. When the girls stood up, ready to leave, Arthur pointed at both Renee and Melanie. “Both of you, stay behind.”

Despite their confusion, Renee and Melanie nodded and stayed behind obediently. After the rest filed out, Arthur put on a solemn expression and posed a very serious question to the two girls that remained. “Are you both aware that you have extraordinary constituents?”

“I have a frosty constituent. I only managed to survive until now thanks to Jared!” came Renee’s answer. Melanie quickly explained, “I know about my aptitude to bewitch, but I have never used them to harm anyone!”

“Since you both are aware of your constituents, are you willing to sacrifice for Jared? You’ll have to risk your lives to aid Jared in his escape from the secret realm,” Arthur told them. solemnly. Renee nodded without hesitation. “Yes, I do. Jared is my life savior.”

Melanie hesitated briefly but eventually bobbed her head. “I’m willing, too. I’ve never admitted my feelings for Jared, but he has already found a place in my heart.”

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