A Man Like None Other Chapter 2088

Even though he was talking to Skylar in an inquiring tone, the latter knew that there was no room for negotiation. He knew the price of rejection. It was a fate worse than death…

Skylar lifted his gaze and glanced at the Gates of Hell while listening to the agonized cries coming from inside it. However, he could only grit his teeth and reply, “I’m willing…”

“Excellent. I’ll await your return from the Gates of Hell. Go now…” Tanner said with a casual wave of his hand. Despite his legs slightly wobbling as he stood up, Skylar ultimately walked into the Gates of Hell.

As his figure disappeared inside, the door slowly closed. The light vanished, and the seven purple-robed members put away the black-gold ball in their hands.

Malphas stared at the disappearing Gates of Hell, a drop of cold sweat slipping quietly from his forehead, “Has Jared already entered the secret realm?” Tanner asked him.

“Yes, he has, and I’ve already sealed the entrance to the secret realm. Without us opening it, he’ll never be able to get out,” Malphas hurriedly answered respectfully. “Very good. Let him stay inside, and no need to care about him anymore,” Tanner instructed with a nod.

However, Malphas looked puzzled. “Aren’t we going to send someone to kill Jared, Lord Tanner? Isn’t it a waste to use one of our secret realms merely to imprison him?”

He could not figure it out. It’s too easy for us to kill Jared since he has already entered our secret realm, so why must we still trap him inside?

After all, the resources of every secret realm were very precious to Evil Heart Sect. Hence, to use an entire secret realm to trap Jared was simply baffling to him.

“Jared can’t die yet. If we wish to restore the spiritual energy, he will be of great use in the future,” Tanner explained. “Restore the spiritual energy? Hasn’t Jared stopped it from happening?”

Malphas was getting more and more confused. Tanner then uttered, “That’s enough. Stop asking things you shouldn’t know. I’m giving you a mission now. Go to the mundane world, find people with special physiques, and capture them back here. Remember, you mustn’t kill them. “Why must I capture those people, Lord Tanner? If-”

“That’s enough. You’ve asked too much. You’re dismissed…”

Tanner waved his hand lightly before Malphas. could finish his words. Only then did the latter realize that he had unknowingly asked questions that he should not have. Luckily, Lord Tanner didn’t get angry today! Malphas wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. and hurriedly said, “I’ll take my leave now…”

After Malphas had left, Tanner turned to face the seven members in purple robes, saying, “Everyone, now that Secret Realm Conference has been reopened, the Eight Major Secret Realms will fall into turmoil, and this is our chance. I’m sure none of you want to spend the rest of your lives trapped in the secret realm.

We all share a common goal as cultivators: to ascend to Ethereal Realm and escape this cage-like secret realm! Even though the restoration of the spiritual energy has failed, we can truly open the Gates of Hell if we find eight people with different special physiques. By then, the spiritual energy can still be restored, and we can be freed from the shackles of the secret realm as well.”

He paused before continuing, “You must remember that all eight of us are in the same boat. If one of us reveals our identity, none of us can escape. Also, the eight of us need to join forces to open the actual Gates of Hell. After a few hundred years, this may be our last chance. to leave the secret realm!”

Tanner’s tone was somewhat sorrowful at the end of his speech. Although none of the seven purple-robed members spoke, it was apparent from their gazes that they all had infinite longing!

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