A Man Like None Other Chapter 2084

Pascal dragged Sherman and fled. Jared did not go after them, however. He was there to borrow the Divine Scroll, after all, not to annihilate Crafting Clan.

Once the members of Crafting Clan realized. that the Schneiders were gone, they dispersed immediately. In seconds, the only ones left in the spacious room were Jared and Flaxseed.

“F*ck, I haven’t even gotten my fill with the fun.. Why are they all running off?” Flaxseed cursed. “That’s enough. We’re here for the Divine Scroll, not for murder.”

With that, Jared turned to leave. Now that he had the Divine Scroll, he had to rescue Josephine. However, Flaxseed stopped him by yelling, “Wait.”

“Anything else, Mr. Flaxseed?” Jared asked in confusion. “It’s such a waste to leave these magical items here,” Flaxseed said before looking for a bag to store the magical items.

Jared opened his Storage Ring and swept away all of the magical items. Jared had no personal use for these magical. items, but he saw an opportunity to increase the power of Deragon Sect by giving them to the members.

Jared then hurried back to Jadeborough with Flaxseed. Now that he had the Divine Scroll, he would be able to open the entrance to Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm and save Josephine.

When the two finally reached Jadeborough, the sun had gone down. Still, Jared did not dare to rest as he rushed to the entrance of the secret realm.

Jessica, having received the news earlier, was already waiting at the entrance. Once Jessica moved her hands, the entrance appeared. She turned to Jared and asked, “Mr. Chance, where’s the Divine Scroll?”

Jared handed her the scroll, and she imbued a wave of spiritual energy into the scroll. As soon as she did that, the object began to glow. Without hesitation, Jessica threw it at the entrance of the secret realm, and there was a flash of light.

With a buzzing sound, the glow of the entrance grew brighter until the entire area was brightly lit. Once the entrance was opened, the Divine Scroll returned to Jessica’s hand. “Mr. Chance, we can enter now.”

Jessica handed the scroll to Jared, but Jared did not take it from her. “Hold onto the Divine Scroll first. I’m about to go in to save Josephine. I don’t know what’s going to happen, so it won’t be safe to keep it with me.”

Jared would be entering the secret realm to rescue Josephine, and he had no idea how things were inside. He did not know what perilous situations he would be in.

“Jared, I’ll go with you,” Flaxseed offered. “Mr. Flaxseed, it’s best that you stay guard out here instead while I scout the inside. I can easily escape if I really end up in danger.”

What went unsaid was how Jared was disagreeing with Flaxseed because Flaxseed was weaker than him. Then, Jared stepped into the entrance and disappeared into the light.

The second Jared’s body disappeared, the entrance flickered and closed. Both Jessica and Flaxseed panicked. “What’s going on?” Flaxseed cried out.

“I-I don’t know!” In her anxiety, Jessica hastily gestured the spell, but the entrance before her would not reappear. In no time, beads of cold sweat could be seen on Jessica’s forehead.

“Sh*t! We must have fallen for Evil Heart Sect’s trap!” Flaxseed uttered as he anxiously stomped his foot. Jared had no idea what happened outside. All he knew was the flash of bright light before everything in front of him had changed..

Even though time flowed the same in the mundane world and the secret realm-it was also nighttime in the secret realm-the air filled with spiritual energy and the viridescent woods told Jared he was now in a different place. Moreover, the new place seemed far nicer than the Gunderson family’s secret realm.

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