A Man Like None Other Chapter 2081

Jared had never thought that Pascal would be that sly. He had first lent Jared the Divine Scroll to repay his debt to Arthur before looking for trouble with Jared.

Flaxseed took a step forward and explained to Pascal, “Mr. Schneider, your son was the one who was in league with the people from Evil Heart Sect. He was the one who wanted to hurt us. We were only retaliating, so this whole incident only happened because of your son.”

Pascal waved his hands dismissively and said, “I don’t care about what my son has done; I only care about how you’ve hit my son and killed my men. If news of this spread, Crafting Clan’s reputation will suffer.”

At Pascal’s insistence, Jared had no choice but to say, “Mr. Schneider, you can do a calculation of the damages, and I’ll compensate the amount.” “I don’t want money. Money is as good as trash to Crafting Clan,” Pascal said.

“Then what do you want? I can give you anything I have,” Jared said, choosing to relent. All he wanted to do was get the Divine Scroll back as soon as possible to save Josephine.

“None of the rubbish you have interests me. Kneel and apologize to my son, and let my son slap you in retaliation. That’s all I want,” Pascal muttered.

Sherman was delighted to see his father standing up for him. With a sneer, he turned to Jared. “Jared, hurry up and get on your knees. I want your apology right now, or else I’m going. to add another term to this.”

“You f*cking- Flaxseed was livid to hear that, but just as he was about to charge toward Sherman, Jared stopped him. “Mr. Flaxseed, I’ll handle this myself,” Jared uttered before turning to look at Pascal coldly. “Do you really want me to kneel before you?”

“Of course. I have conducted thorough research on your background and understand that Mr. Sanders holds you in high regard. However, please understand that it does not grant you. the freedom to act without consequences at Crafting Clan. I have already responded to Mr. Sanders with the utmost respect. Even if a deity were to appear, I would still require you to kneel and apologize. Consider it as the greatest favor I am doing for Mr. Sanders. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t even have had the chance to speak to me.”

The icy expression on his face and the apathetic look in his eyes made Pascal seem like a judge who declared Jared’s guilty actions while Jared could only listen and do nothing else.

Jared realized that Pascal no longer seemed interested to keep things civil with him. “There are people who I will kneel to, but unfortunately, you’re not one of them. You don’t deserve to make me kneel!”

Pascal narrowed his eyes and snickered. “Did you really think that you can dismiss Crafting Clan just because you’re a Martial Arts Saint? I’ll let you witness Crafting Clan’s true power. You won’t even get the chance to kneel and apologize after this!”

Pascal abruptly took out his Soul Summoning Bells. He knew that he was no match for Jared in terms of strength, but he had the Soul Summoning Bells with him, so he did not need to fear Jared at all.

“What’s the matter? Trying to defeat me with some tiny sleigh bells?” Jared scoffed when he saw the Soul Summoning Bells that Pascal had taken out.

“Hmph! Don’t be so smug so soon. This is the ultimate magical item that my father just forged-the Soul Summoning Bells! You won’t be able to escape the power of the Soul Summoning Bells even if you’re a Martial Arts Saint. I’m going to record the stupid look you’re going to have soon,” Sherman taunted.

Pascal shot Sherman a furious look, his blood pressure skyrocketing. His foolish son had spilled the beans to their enemy about the use of the magical item. In other words, Sherman was giving the enemy more time to prepare against the Soul Summoning Bells’ attack.

If.used in a surprise attack, the attack of a magical item like the Soul Summoning Bells would be twice as powerful. However, Sherman had just revealed to Jared how the Soul Summoning Bells worked.

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