A Man Like None Other Chapter 1989

The sword emitted a faint gray glow and continuously produced a dragon’s roar. Upon the appearance of Dragonslayer Sword, Kazuo felt immense pressure and involuntarily staggered a few steps back.

Disregarding the pressure Jared brought to Kazuo, just Dragonslayer Sword alone was already enough to make him tremble with fear. If Jared had taken out Dragonslayer Sword from the beginning, Kazuo probably wouldn’t have fought and would have run away immediately.

He hadn’t expected that in such a short time, and Jared’s strength had grown so much that even his weapon had become more powerful.

Panic flashed in Kazuo’s eyes as he said to Jared, “Jared, I was forced to try to kill you by the Watanabe family. If I didn’t do it, they wouldn’t have let me off the hook.”

Kazuo was trying to gain sympathy, fearing that Jared would kill him. “Are you scared?” Jared smirked. “Don’t you Jetroinians hate failure the most? Once you fail, you’ll have to disembowel yourself out of shame.”

“No, no, not every Jetroinian would do that. I hope you can spare me, and that will also guarantee your safety. If you kill me, the Watanabe family will continue to send people after you, and you’ll never have peace. Think about it. If you let me go, I won’t return to Jetroina, but I’ll convey to the Watanabe family that I’m pursuing you. As long as I’m alive, they won’t send anyone else,” Kazuo pleaded.

In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Kazuo analyzed the situation for Jared. “If I kill you, the Watanabe family will likely not send someone else,” Jared slowly said. “Why?”

Kazuo was taken aback. “Because after killing you, I’ll destroy the Watanabe family, so they’ll never have a chance to send anyone else to kill me again.”

Jared had long planned that after killing Kazuo, he would go to Jetroina and eradicate the Watanabe family completely. He couldn’t leave such a hidden danger, nor could he let those at the Law Enforcement Department die in vain for his sake.

“Jared, you dare to go to Jetroina to destroy the Watanabe family? Do you know how powerful they are? And even if you go to Jetroina, how are you so sure you can find them? Can you enter the Watanabe family’s territory? If you plan to barge in, I bet you won’t make it out of Jetroina alive. Even if you have the strength of a Martial Arts Saint, it’s impossible to destroy the Watanabe family and leave unscathed!” Kazuo cried.

Kazuo thought Jared was crazy to have such an idea. Jared’s eyebrows furrowed slightly as he also knew what Kazuo said was true. Jared was unfamiliar with everything in Jetroina, How would he find the Watanabe family? And even if he did, how could he get close to them? Even if he destroyed the Watanabe family, how could he escape unscathed?

These were all questions Jared had yet to address. Seeing Jared’s furrowed brows, Kazuo hurriedly continued, “Jared, as long as you don’t kill me, I can help you. I’m willing to take you to Jetroina. In fact, I’ve long been fed up with the Watanabe family’s arrogance. Now even the imperial power can hardly control them. They’ve become too full of themselves!”

Kazuo was desperately trying to persuade Jared to spare his life, showing just how terrified he was of death. Jared looked at Kazuo’s nervous expression and casually took out a pill from his pocket and handed it to him.

“This is a Heartburn Pill. If you take it, I won’t kill you, but you’ll have to listen to me, as I’m the only one with the antidote. Otherwise, you’ll die in extreme pain.” Jared spoke slowly, then observed the changes in Kazuo’s expression. Kazuo didn’t hesitate to take the pill and swallow it immediately. At this point, as long as he could survive, he’d be content.

Seeing Kazuo swallow the pill, Jared smiled faintly. “All right, you can go. But remember, you must take the antidote within three days. I’ll go to Jetroina during these three days, and I believe you’ll be able to find me.”

“Okay, okay…” Kazuo nodded repeatedly, then turned and ran.

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