A Man Like None Other Chapter 1987

Clang! A deafening clang rang out as Kazuo’s fist clashed with Jared’s body, but his punch did no damage whatsoever. The ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower and the boost from Demon Sect had made Jared incredibly tough.

“Why do you Jetroinians love sneak attacks so much? Are you guys afraid that you can’t beat me in a fair fight?” Jared asked nonchalantly as he slowly turned around and shot Kazuo a disdainful look.

Kazuo’s eyes filled with anger and disbelief when he heard that. As Jared was about to take a step forward, Kazuo drew his katana and swung it in Jared’s direction. The blade emanated a razor-sharp energy wave that went flying toward Jared.

Jared calmly stared the incoming attack down as he clenched his fist and punched at it. Despite how ordinary his punch looked, it packed a terrifying destructive power behind it.

Boom! A deafening boom tore through the land, stirring up a mini dust storm with its shockwave. The impact shook the ground beneath them and scared the nearby residents out of their buildings.

That was the reason Jared had wanted to take their fight elsewhere. Given the huge amount of residential areas nearby, their fight was bound to affect the people there.

Kazuo was shocked speechless when he saw Jared instantly shatter his energy wave attack with a seemingly normal punch. Jared, on the other hand, looked perfectly calm as he already knew what would happen.

“I can’t believe you’ve gotten so much stronger in such a short amount of time, Jared…” Kazuo muttered through clenched teeth. “If you want to kill me, then you’ll have to give it everything you’ve got!” Jared replied coldly.

Kazuo’s expression slid into a frown as he realized he had underestimated Jared’s strength. “Don’t get too cocky just yet, Jared!” he yelled as he launched himself at Jared while swinging his katana. As though it was charging up a terrifyingly devastating attack, the blade was glowing brightly as it cut through the air with a loud swoosh.

Swoosh! “Hundred Slash Attack!” Kazuo roared as he unleashed a blindingly bright light from his katana. Countless sword shadows went flying toward Jared in an instant.

The sword shadows packed so much power that they produced deafening sonic booms and distorted the space around them as they sailed through the air. Kazuo was really determined to cut Jared into pieces.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Jared simply stood there and took all the blows. with his Golem Body. Eventually, Golem Body began to break as its scales slowly fell off and disappeared.

Even so, Jared continued to receive all of Kazuo’s blows with his toughened body. “Ha!” Jared yelled all of a sudden, causing his body to exude a golden glow that lit up the area around him like the sun. Kazuo’s katana emitted a loud rumbling noise as the sword shadows continued to hit Jared in rapid succession.

Although Jared was able to withstand the Hundred Slash Attack, the same could not be said about the ground beneath his feet. Cracks began forming and spreading with each hit that he took.

Boom! A golden ball of light came out of Jared’s body and destroyed all the sword shadows around him, but it also created a crater beneath him that was several meters deep. Kazuo quickly jumped backward when he felt the terrifying destructive force behind that attack.

A faint smile formed on his lips as the dust cleared up a little. “Taking my Hundred Slash Attack head-on without fighting back, huh? You sure are an insolent one! I’m afraid such insolence comes with a price, though!” Kazuo said as he made his way through the dust cloud, only to realize that Jared was no longer standing in the crater.

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