A Man Like None Other Chapter 1986

“One of our members was attacked and killed in an alley shortly after leaving the building! The killer is still at large!” Godrick repeated himself. The look on Jared’s face was incredibly gloomy and tense. “Wait for me…”

He then tossed aside the cards in his hand and ran out of the room. None of the girls dared make a sound as they could clearly sense the murderous aura coming from Jared.

“Should we go have a look as well, Cecilia?” Lizbeth asked. Cecilia was the most senior member of the group, so the girls all listened to her. “No. We should refrain from causing Jared any more problems.”

Cecilia knew that they would only get in the way and worsen things if they went with Jared. After rushing over to Deragon Sect as quickly as he could, Jared made his way into the room where the dead member’s body was placed. The look on Jared’s face grew solemn as he knelt down and investigated the wound in detail. “Do you know who did this, Jared?”

Godrick and the others had no idea who would attack Deragon Sect, which was the largest sect in Jadeborough now. It was so huge that it had even taken over Warriors Alliance.

Besides, given Jared’s reputation, no one in their right mind would dare oppose him anyway. Jared knew right away that it was Kazuo’s doing, but he chose not to tell them as he didn’t want to create mass panic.

Instead, he ordered Godrick, “Tell all members of Deragon Sect to not go out alone at night!” “Got it!” Godrick nodded and went off to inform the rest of the sect.

Jared then headed out onto the streets and wandered around aimlessly to see if he could draw Kazuo out. He even deliberately unleashed his aura so that Kazuo would pick it up and come after him.

However, an hour soon went by with no sign of Kazuo anywhere. Kazuo is likely still being pursued here in Jadeborough, so he probably wouldn’t dare remain in the city for too long. In that case, I shall head over to the countryside and expand the range of my aura by a few miles!

Moments after doing that, Jared noticed a powerful aura headed in his direction. Sure enough, that aura belonged to Kazuo. It was his way of letting Jared know he was coming for him. Jared then stopped in his tracks and patiently waited for Kazuo’s arrival.

It wasn’t long before Kazuo showed up in front of him. “Were you waiting here for me, Jared?” he asked with a sneer when he saw Jared calmly standing there. Jared nodded at Kazuo, who looked like a complete mess, as he replied, “Yeah, I was waiting to kill you.”

Kazuo burst out laughing. “You? Kill me? You were lucky to get away last time, but that’s not going to happen again! You must’ve brought help with you, huh? There’s no way you’d be so confident facing me on your own!”

As Kazuo glanced about their surroundings, Jared said coldly, “I came here alone, so don’t bother looking. I don’t need help to kill someone like you.”

“You will pay for your arrogance, you insolent b*stard!” Kazuo shouted angrily as he channeled his aura and enveloped Jared with it. “We should go somewhere farther away. Wouldn’t want to injure the innocent civilians.”

As they were just outside of the city, Jared was worried that their fight would affect the civilians. “Hmph! My goal is to kill you, so why would I care about anything else?” Kazuo snapped at Jared as he lunged forward and swung a fist at him..

He was holding nothing back as he punched at Jared with all of his might. Jared quickly activated Golem Body and covered his body with a golden shield of light.

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