A Man Like None Other Chapter 1985

Jared got up and walked right out of the Department of Justice. He then contacted Axton from Medicine God Sect and had him bring the best pills over to treat Xavier.

When Jared returned to Crimson Palace, however, no one welcomed him at the door. He also noticed a strange atmosphere in the air after entering Crimson Palace. The disciples from Crimson Palace were snickering when they saw him.

“Millie, where are your sister and the others?” Jared asked when he saw her. “I don’t know. They said they were going to pick you up at the airport. Did you not see them?” Millie replied.

“Huh? They were going to pick me up? I didn’t see them there, though,” Jared exclaimed in confusion. Curious as to what was going on, Jared turned around and was about to leave when he saw that Crimson Palace’s front door was closed.

Lizbeth, Cecilia, and the others then came. rushing out and surrounded him on all sides. “We’ve been waiting for you all day! Where have you been?”

They bombarded Jared with a series of questions regarding his whereabouts. While most people would kill to be surrounded by such beautiful women, all Jared wanted was to run away. It wasn’t until he explained everything that they: let him off.

While Jared was having fun messing around with Lizbeth and the others, a middle-aged man in gray clothes and a hat was rushing toward Jadeborough from the outskirts..

Because he was filthy from head to toe and shabbily dressed, everyone assumed he was some kind of refugee and avoided him upon sight. Despite his disgusting appearance, the man had an icy-cold glint in his eyes.

That man was none other than Kazuo Kawaguchi himself. As Jared had destroyed Jetroina’s secret base. in Chanaea, Kazuo received harsh criticism when he returned to Jetroina.

They had him return to Chanaea with members of the Watanabe family to kill Jared in retaliation. However, Xavier and his men stopped them the moment they arrived at the border.

Usually, they would flee to avoid direct confrontation with the authorities and try their luck some other time. However, the members of the Watanabe family attacked the guys from the Law Enforcement Department and even killed one of its men.

That led to an all-out fight breaking out between the two sides. Because those from the Law Enforcement Department were significantly weaker, they were all killed in the resulting battle, and Xavier was severely injured as well. Naturally, that did not sit well with Arthur in the slightest. He was so furious that he ordered to have Kazuo and the others killed.

The members of the Watanabe family that Kazuo brought over ended up being slaughtered in retaliation. It was a miracle that Kazuo managed to escape with his life, but he didn’t dare return to Jetroina without first killing Jared.

After all, there would be harsh punishments awaiting him back there. “It’s your fault I’m in this terrible state right now, Jared! I’ll tear you into a million pieces!” Kazuo muttered angrily under his breath.

His eyes were filled with rage as he glared at Jadeborough, which was right in front of him. As the sky slowly turned dark, the nightlife in Jadeborough was about to begin. Neon lights illuminated the city’s streets as people came out dressed in fancy clothes. Kazuo, on the other hand, was dressed shabbily as he sat in a corner near Deragon Sect and glared daggers at its entrance..

It wasn’t long before one of its members came out through the door and made his way into a nearby alley. Seizing the golden opportunity, Kazuo ran after that man as quickly as his legs could carry him.

A loud scream of pain echoed throughout the alley, and Kazuo emerged with a confused frown moments later. “Jared isn’t inside Deragon Sect?” he muttered under his breath.

Little did Kazuo know, Jared was spending that night in Crimson Palace surrounded by a bunch of girls. Jared’s face had lots of notes stuck to it as he played cards with the girls..

“No cheating, Jared! Take your card back right now!” Lyanna exclaimed with a pout. The other girls chimed in to help each other gang up on Jared, Right as Jared was on the verge of having a mental breakdown, he received a phone call from Godrick.

“There’s trouble at Deragon Sect, Jared! One of our members was just killed!” Godrick shouted anxiously the moment the call got through. “What?” Jared leaped to his feet instantly. The girls fell completely silent and didn’t dare say a word when they saw the grim look on Jared’s face.

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