A Man Like None Other Chapter 1984

Arthur couldn’t help but sigh after listening to Jared’s story. “A ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower only allowed you to advance to an Eighth Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis. 1 really don’t know how you’ll cultivate in the future. I’m afraid that even if all the resources were given to you, it would still be difficult for you to break through to the Martial Arts Saint level. It seems like you should start exploring secret realms now. That’s the only way you can further enhance your capabilities.”

Jared was slightly taken aback. “Mr. Sanders, you know about secret realms too?” Taking in Jared’s expression, Arthur chuckled. “I know more than what I’ve let on.”

“In that case, do you know where the secret realms located nearby Jadeborough are?” Jared asked urgently. As Josephine was being held captive in a secret realm, Jared needed to find Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm and rescue her.

“Countless secret realms exist in this world. There are over a hundred secret realms nearby Jadeborough alone. How would I know where. they all are?” Arthur replied.

Hearing this, Jared was quite astonished. “Mr. Sanders, aren’t there only the Eight Major Secret Realms and some minor ones? Are there really that many secret realms just around Jadeborough alone?” Jared had never imagined that so many secret realms would suddenly appear.

“What you know are just some of the larger secret realms and those inhabited by people. Some secret realms have become without occupants, as the people within have died, turning them into ownerless secret realms. Nevertheless, even though the people have died, the resources in the secret realms remain. As a result, some large families have been fighting over many ownerless secret realms. The only problem is that these secret realms are difficult to find,” Arthur clarified.

“Ownerless secret realms? Does that mean they belong to whoever finds them?” Jared asked with passion burning in his eyes. If that’s the case, I can locate an ownerless secret realm and move Deragon Sect and even Crimson Palace there. Then, that place will become my domain, and I’ll become the true master of that world.

Unfortunately, while Jared was imagining the wonderful scenario, Arthur dampened his spirits with the subsequent speech. “In theory, the secret realms belong to whoever finds them, but ownerless secret realms are extremely difficult to locate. After all, no one has entered or left them for many years, so there’s no trace to follow.

To the best of my knowledge, the chance of discovering an ownerless secret realm is only one in a thousand! Moreover, even if you do stumble upon an ownerless secret realm and become its master, can you defend your territory? If other large families find out, they will drive you away. When you lack sufficient capabilities, even if you were given a secret realm, you won’t be able to keep hold of it,” Arthur said.

After listening to Arthur, Jared fell into deep thought. No wonder Demon Sect rarely allowed people to enter and exit their secret realm, only sending people out of the realm when absolutely necessary. That is a measure taken to protect themselves and avoid revealing the entrance of their secret realm to others. If the Eight Major Secret Realms’ families knew where Demon Sect’s secret realm was, they probably would’ve attacked the latter. Secret realms are territories, and which prestigious families wouldn’t want to expand their turf?

Still, Jared’s desire for a secret realm had already become extremely strong. If he were inside a secret realm, he could cultivate normally.

Besides, he also wouldn’t have to worry about those around him facing any danger. After all, the threats from the mundane world would be virtually non-existent within a secret realm.

At that moment, Jared was still unaware that the Thousands of Miles Away in his possession could’ve allowed him to explore the Eight Major Secret Realms freely. He didn’t need to search for an ownerless secret realm.

“Mr. Sanders, let’s discuss this matter relating to the secret realms another day. What do you plan to do now that Captain Jennings was hurt by those people from Jetroina?” Jared asked.

“What else can I do? Of course we’ll kill them. Unfortunately, Kazuo got away. However, he will undoubtedly come looking for you, so I should warn you to be careful. Moreover, this guy is a Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis and is close to becoming a Martial Arts Saint,” Arthur reminded Jared.

Jared nodded. “I got it. I’ll stay vigilant. Also, I’ll contact Medicine God Sect’s Mr. Knox to come in person and treat Captain Jennings. I won’t let him lose his abilities and become a disabled person.”

Arthur waved his hand and said, “Okay. This is the second thing I wanted to talk to you about for asking you over. Take care of it right away.”

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