A Man Like None Other Chapter 1982

Dead silence ensued following Baal’s departure. Everyone had just witnessed powers they’d never seen before. Greater Martial Arts Marquis or Martial Arts Saints were as insignificant as ants in the face of such absolute power. “Mr. Chance…”

At that moment, Verner stepped forward, wanting to ask Jared what they should do next. The altar was destroyed, and the spiritual energy recovery had ceased. They didn’t have the slightest idea when the subsequent spiritual energy recovery area would appear either.

“Let’s go.” Now that the restoration of spiritual energy had stopped, Jared saw no reason to stay on Encanta Island any longer. Jared and the others turned to leave. Jose and the rest stared at Jared in a daze. No one spoke or tried to stop them, especially Marcelo, who now looked at Jared with nothing but fear, his previous arrogance gone.

Claus gazed at Jared, the former’s eyes brimming with hints of eagerness and fighting spirit. He yearned to face Jared in a match. However, as he couldn’t unleash his full strength in the mundane world, he could only hope Jared would have a chance to enter the secret realm..

Jared, who had already left, came to an abrupt halt. Seemingly having sensed Claus’ stare, Jared turned to look at him. “You’re from the Gate of Thunder’s secret realm?”

Claus nodded. He wasn’t surprised that Jared knew about the secret realm. After all, all those who went to that place were representatives of prestigious families from various secret realms.

“If I have the chance, I will definitely visit your secret realm.” With that, Jared spun on his heel and left without saying anything more.

Violet Cloud Palace was located in the Gate of Thunder’s secret realm. If Jared wanted to rescue his mother, he would have to find a way to enter that place.

However, his current priority was to track down the secret realm where Josephine was imprisoned. Fortunately, with Jessica accompanying them, she could handle the responsibilities of searching for Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm and opening it.

After all, Demon Sect and Evil Heart Sect were of the same lineage, so even the methods to unlock their secret realms were similar. Leaving Encanta Island, Jared, and his party headed straight for Jadeborough. He figured those women at home must’ve missed him since he’d been away for so long. Meanwhile, inside Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm.

at Jadeborough, Tanner scowled at the sight of Malphas, who had been reduced to a pile of mud. Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors knelt on the floor. Feeling Tanner’s imposing aura, none of them dared to raise their heads.

“You’re saying that Baal beat him into this state?” Tanner asked coldly. “Technically, Baal didn’t hit Malphas. He became like this after Baal glanced at him,” Skylar answered honestly. Indeed, at that time, Baal merely glared at Malphas, and the latter immediately turned into. a pile of mud..

Tanner fell silent afterward. Nonetheless, his heavy breathing was clearly filled with tension. Just one look from Baal was sufficient to turn my subordinate, Malphas, into this state. There’s not even a need to mention how terrifying that power is. Even if I were to face Baal in person, I probably wouldn’t be able to withstand a single slap from him.

“Why would Baal, a fellow demon spirit, helpi that Jared?” Tanner was baffled. What was that blood demon thinking? “Lord Tanner, Baal said that we aren’t worthy of being members of the demon spirit. He even exterminated the spirits within the four Black Gold Robe warriors,” Skylar hastily added.

“What?” Tanner was taken aback. The next second, he gently waved his hand, enveloping the four Black Gold Robe warriors with his aura. “The spirits are indeed gone!”

He furrowed his brows, feeling a sense of crisis for the first time. If a powerful demon like Baal sides with Jared, we can forget about laying a finger on him.

Suddenly, Tanner waved both hands and five spirits materialized instantly. Then, the five spirits entered Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors’ bodies.

“I have summoned five new souls for you. Don’t worry about Jared for the time being. During this period, practice and cultivate more frequently with your respective spirits. Malphas can also take this opportunity to recuperate,” Tanner said coldly.

“Understood!” Skylar and the others nodded. “By the way, how’s the girl?” Tanner asked. “Josephine is being detained in a secret realm’s dungeon That place is very secure,” Skylar replied.

“All right. All of you may leave now.” Tanner waved his hand. Tanner’s body gradually disappeared after Skylar and the others left.

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