A Man Like None Other Chapter 1975

Jared recognized at a glance that these were the Elite Eighteen brought by Jose! The man had used the Elite Eighteen as a last resort, but he had always kept them hidden away as a secret plan for himself.

He wanted a powerful fighting force at his disposal after the battle. As the stalemate continued, he finally decided it was time to unleash the Elite Eighteen and seize the divine altar. Since the fighters were loyal to the Danaher family, they would follow his orders even if it meant facing formidable foes.

Facing the sudden attacks from the Elite Eighteen, Malphas still had a calm expression. A powerful aura from his body made it clear that he didn’t consider these people a threat. However, Jared was puzzled by Jose’s move as it would mean sacrificing the powerful Elite Eighteen to fight a strong devil.

Soon, Jared discerned the man’s true intentions as the fighters surged forward with fierce determination. Their blood coursed, causing their clothes to tear apart and revealing their sturdy physique. They were preparing to self-destruct in order to take down Malphas.

Everyone was stunned, as these were no ordinary fighters but middle-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis with some even having reached the advanced phase.

Their self-destruction would be like a bomb going off. Furthermore, so many people were going to self-destruct together. The power of that would be unimaginable!

“Get back!” Everyone began to retreat at Jose’s command. The whole mountain was likely to be flattened because of the power of self-destruction. “You guys, retreat quickly…” Jared hurriedly shouted at Flaxseed and the others..

Observing this, Flaxseed and Fernando hastened to withdraw. “Malphas?” Skylar looked at the man in shock. They were not allowed to leave on their own without an order. Malphas waved his hand and said, “You should leave too…”

“Are you…” Skylar wanted to ask if Malphas. could resist the power of self-destruction. “Don’t worry. They can’t do anything to me.” Malphas’ mouth curved up in disdain.

Skylar then quickly led the four Black Gold Robes to retreat. Soon, everyone moved far away from the hill except for Jared, who remained standing as if anticipating something.

Just as the Elite Eighteen were about to rush toward Malphas, he finally moved. Suddenly, he flashed past and waved his hand, striking out with a palm! The powerful force caused a strong gust of wind, lifting two fighters high up in the air.

Spurt! In mid-air, the bodies of the two fighters exploded like bombs in an instant, and blood and flesh flew everywhere. The whole sky was filled with the smell of blood, and the shattered limbs and flesh fell like rain.

Jared was surrounded by a faint mist, which instantly isolated him from the bloody rain. Malphas kept striking; one move after another, he blew all eighteen fighters away before they self-destructed in mid-air!

Jared knew that the opportunity had come. Malphas had finally left the altar! Hence, he immediately held Dragonslayer Sword and dashed to the altar.

The sword kept emitting a buzzing sound as Jared’s body burst with an endless aura! Swoosh! Jared fiercely swung the sword and struck the altar.

Suddenly, a burst of light emitted from the altar, followed by a backlash force that instantly sent the man flying away. But the altar was still intact and did not suffer any damage.

Jared was surprised. He knew that his Dragonslayer Sword was a spiritual sword that could cut through iron like mud, but he had no idea what material the altar was made of to be so hard and carry such great power.

By then, Malphas had already dashed back to the front of the altar after the Elite Eighteen self-destructed in mid-air. They had caused no harm to him.

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