A Man Like None Other Chapter 1972

Claus looked at Malphas with slight surprise, not understanding how the person in front of him figured he was the young master of Waxing Crescent Castle and even knew his father.

Upon hearing the words “Waxing Crescent Castle,” Jose’s expression froze. Then, he hurriedly stepped forward and bowed politely at Claus. “Greetings, Mr. Lassen. I am Jose Danaher of the Danaher family.” A little taken aback, Claus furrowed his brows at Jose. “Who are you?”

“Mr. Lassen, we, the Danahers, are Violet Cloud Palace’s representative family. I heard from my master that Violet Cloud Palace and Waxing Crescent Castle have a longstanding friendship, and we have been instructed to treat members of Waxing Crescent Castle with respect,” Jose explained.

After listening to that, clarity washed over Claus. I see. He’s from Violet Cloud Palace’s representative family. “If that’s the case, this is great. We might stand a chance to win if we join forces in this fight,” Claus chirped as he did not expect that.

He figured they might not necessarily lose against Skylar and his party if he teamed up with Jose and his men. Meanwhile, Jared’s expression instantly darkened at the mention of Violet Cloud Palace because he knew his mother was imprisoned in that place.

However, unbeknownst to him, Beatrice. received exceptionally well treatment at Violet Cloud Palace every day-far better than when she was in the Deragon residence.

Taking in Jared’s grimace, Godrick fathomed the reason behind it and gently tugged on Jared’s sleeve, He feared that Jared might act impulsively as it would be unfavorable for him to take action against either side in that situation.

Jose was oblivious to the grudges Jared held against Violet Cloud Palace, so he turned to the latter and said, “Jared, at this point, why don’t we join forces and fight against those from the Warriors Alliance together? I know you also harbor an irreconcilable hatred for them! Your girlfriend seems to still be in their hands, right? Don’t you want to avenge her?”

Jose wanted to win over Jared’s support. As long as Jared joined them, they would have a lot more people in addition to Claus’ cultivation prowess as a Martial Arts Saint, it would be difficult for Skylar and the others to gain a significant advantage in a battle.

“All right. I agree to join forces with you.” Although Jared had enmity towards Violet Cloud Palace, he was still rational at that moment. Only by cooperating with Jose would he have the chance to destroy that altar.

“Hmph. Jared, don’t think that by joining forces, you will have the capabilities to win against me.” Skylar snorted coldly. “Cut the cr*p. Let’s strike!”

Claus knew he couldn’t drag the ongoing circumstances out for too long as their alliance was only formed because each party was looking to gain some benefits by eliminating their common enemies from Warriors Alliance.

If the alliance lasted too long, it would likely fall apart before achieving anything. The only way for them to move forward was to fight together with all their might.

With that, Claus charged at one of the Black Gold Robe warriors. As a fellow Martial Arts Saint, Claus didn’t fear his opponent at all. Following Claus’ lead, his followers also began to fight. Jose led his men to join the fray as well.

“Mr. Flaxseed, Verner, you two get moving too.” Jared nodded at them. Subsequently, the duo helped in the battle as well while Jared riveted his eyes on the altar, seeking an opportunity to destroy it.

However, Malphas merely stood unmoving before the altar, not showing any concern for Skylar and the four Black Gold Robe warriors, who were being ganged up on. He was only focused on guarding the altar, preventing anyone from getting close.

For a few moments, the entire ancient ruins shook, and rocks flew everywhere. Nevertheless, no one dared to use their full power at that point. If the whole place collapsed due to the intense battle, none of them would be able to escape.

Even though everyone was holding back, cracks began to appear within the ancient ruins, and rocks continued to fall. “Mr. Gunderson, Godrick, hurry up and lead your people out of here. This place is about to collapse,” Jared promptly instructed them to leave after taking in the scene.

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