A Man Like None Other Chapter 1969

After being struck by the first strike of heavenly thunder, Jared remained motionless, still holding Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand. Many people were shocked by that sight. After all, the power of the heavenly thunder was terrifying, and most people would be severely injured, if not killed, when hit by it. Yet, Jared sustained a direct hit and remained completely unharmed. His body is so incredibly tough!

Rumble! Just after a short ten seconds, another bolt of heavenly thunder came crashing down. This time, the power of the heavenly thunder was even greater, causing Jared to feel as if his internal organs were churning.

“Jared, that’s enough. Hurry up and get out of the way!” Flaxseed shouted at Jared. Jared had already endured the blast of heavenly thunder twice, and if he continued to stay, he might truly get injured.

It was known that the power of heavenly thunder grew stronger each time. However, Jared didn’t move. He planned to hold out against the force of heavenly thunder one more time before finding an opportunity to leave.

Boom! The third heavenly thunder smote him. The power of that heavenly thunder was even more potent than the previous two combined. Jared felt his legs buckle, and he almost. collapsed.

Just as he felt he couldn’t persevere in the face of the pressure, he suddenly sensed an unusual aura emanating from the altar beneath his feet. That strange aura traveled up his legs and slowly entered his body, instantly making him. feel relaxed.

Jared was astounded, but looking down at the altar underneath him, he saw nothing more: than some stones stacked into a pile. There were no traces of arcane arrays or anything similar on the rocks. So, where did this peculiar aura come from?

While a dazed expression spread across. Jared’s face while he was baffled by what had happened, Flaxseed suddenly leaped up and pushed Jared off the altar..

Right after Flaxseed did that, another bolt of heavenly thunder struck down. However, it hit the altar this time, sending stones flying. everywhere.

“Jared, are you stupid? Why didn’t you move? If you had gotten hit once more, you would definitely have been injured,” Flaxseed scolded Jared. Astrid hurried over and tightly embraced Jared while wearing a worried expression on her face. “Jared, are you okay? Are you alright?”

At that moment, Jared was still contemplating the source of the strange aura he had felt earlier, staying still as a statue and not even blinking.

Noticing Jared’s condition, Astrid anxiously asked Flaxseed, “Mr. Flaxseed, what’s wrong with Jared? Did he become a fool after repeatedly getting struck by heavenly thunder?”

Flaxseed waved his hand in front of Jared, but the latter remained motionless and unresponsive. “I-I don’t know either. Don’t tell me he has really turned into a halfwit.”

Flaxseed was at a loss as well since that was his first time seeing Jared like that. Astrid cried while wrapping her arms around Jared. At that moment, Jose and the others gathered around. With blue lightning still flickering above his head, Marcelo bellowed, “Jared, you liar! You didn’t break Sky Thunder Array even after you made me kneel!”

Jared didn’t seem as if he had heard Marcelo’s shrieks. Flaxseed glared at him and said, “Shut your d*mn mouth! Jared has already diverted the heavenly thunder to one spot so it won’t strike the other places. He risked his life to achieve that, yet you’re still complaining?” Flaxseed chided, rendering Marcelo speechless.

Everyone saw that the heavenly thunder was indeed focused on the altar now, making the other areas safe. “Sky Thunder Array is no longer a threat, but how are we supposed to leave this place?” Jose started pondering how to escape after ascertaining that Sky Thunder Array could no longer harm them.

With Skylar and the other four Martial Arts Saints guarding the outside, they had no chance of breaking out. “I got it. I got it…” Suddenly, Jared murmured, “There must be a secret beneath the altar. There must be…”

With that, he rushed toward the altar as he spoke.

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