A Man Like None Other Chapter 1964

Meanwhile, Jared was eyeing the vast ancient ruins with a grim look. He had a nagging feeling that something was amiss. With how empty this place is, why does it need such a powerful arcane array protecting it? Why did Skylar ask everyone to come inside here?

Then, as something clicked in his mind, Jared hurriedly said, “Retreat! We have to quickly. leave this place.” “What’s the matter, Mr. Chance?” Verner asked, puzzled by Jared’s sudden request.

Jared did not explain himself. Flaxseed was likely startled and exclaimed, “Cr*p! This place has been set up with Heavenly Thunder Array! It’s a trap! Let’s go!”

However, just as Jared and the others were about to turn and leave through the passageway, a sudden and terrifying gust of wind struck them, causing them to step back quickly.

“Haha, Jared. Don’t even dream about leaving: now,” Skylar mocked. He stood in the passageway and broke into an evil chortle. Then, they noticed that a boulder had blocked the passageway.

The sudden commotion immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They started to panic when they noticed that the passageway was blocked by the boulder. “What’s happening right now?”

“Why’s the exit blocked? Who did this?” “How are we getting out? Are we going to be buried alive here?” A lot of people started to panic and shouted in exasperation.

At the same time, flashes of lightning appeared in the sky as it continued to emit dazzling blue lights atop the ancient ruins. A number of people lifted their heads to look at the fascinating sight.

“Is this a sign of the recovery of spiritual energy?” someone shouted. However, Jared knew that Skylar had intended to kill everyone in the ancient ruins with his Heavenly Thunder Array.

Boom! Right then, a lightning bolt struck the ground, crushing it into bits instantly. Everyone was utterly shocked at the sight. They stared at the dense blue lights crackling in the air, feeling completely petrified! They couldn’t help but wonder if they could survive if the thunderbolts rained down on them.

Boom! Immediately after, several thunderbolts struck, and some people could not dodge in time and were struck dead on the spot. This left the rest feeling terror-stricken, and they rushed toward the exit. However, the boulder blocked it, and there was no way out.

Some tried to strike the boulder in exasperation to crush it. After all, most of them were Greater Martial Arts Marquis, and it should have been a piece of cake to crush a boulder.

However, the boulder did not budge at all. Right then, several thunderbolts struck again, sacrificing a few more lives. Everyone went into a frenzy. If they couldn’t move or crush the boulder, they would eventually die in the ancient ruins.

“Jose, what do we do now?” Marcelo asked anxiously. “How the f*ck would I know?” Jose panicked as well. It was obvious that somebody had deliberately trapped them there. “Let me try…”

Royler, who had been keeping quiet, suddenly stepped forward. Then, he unleashed his Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis aura, shocking both Jose and Marcelo.

They hadn’t expected that Royler was a Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis. He had kept his true powers from everyone else. Royler’s formidable aura struck at the boulder.

Boom! The moment his palm landed on the boulder, dust and dirt of the ancient ruins filled the air. Despite that, the boulder remained fixed in its spot. “W-What…”

Royler was astonished as he looked at the boulder. Immediately after he struck the boulder, a beam of light appeared atop the boulder. Then, a picture of a unicorn appeared on the boulder as if it had been carved on it.

Royler furrowed his brows in response. Fury burned in his chest as he couldn’t believe his Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis aura couldn’t even crush a boulder.

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