A Man Like None Other Chapter 1959

Everyone else gave Jared mocking looks when they discovered he intended to take on the formidable task of destroying the formation singlehandedly. They doubted his ability to handle it because even Jose and his companions had failed to do so despite the fact that they had sacred martial arts relics.

There is no way that Jared could possibly destroy the arcane array on his own. Even if he knows where the core is, the arcane array is too powerful for him to destroy singlehandedly. Verner whispered softly, “Mr. Chance, you…”

He wanted to caution Jared to be wary of attempting to disrupt the formation, as those who had previously attempted to do so had died from the backlash. The elderly man from earlier was a Greater Martial Arts Marquis but unfortunately ended up sustaining severe injuries.

Flaxseed, Godrick, and Fernando stepped forward together to prevent Jared from attempting his dangerous feat of destroying the arcane array. After all, although many people had joined forces in order to break the array, their efforts had thus far been unsuccessful.

Astrid and Evangeline also came over to Jared. Evangeline’s expression was solemn as she said softly, “Mr. Chance, this arcane array isn’t as ordinary as it seems. If I’m not mistaken, this is a Lethal Bloodsoul Formation, a powerful formation created by demon spirits. It takes an unimaginably strong demon to be able to form this. I wonder why it has appeared here.”

The spirit inhabiting Evangeline’s body was thousands of years old and also the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace, so she knew many things that Jared and the rest had never heard before.

Flaxseed chimed in, “I’ve heard about this arcane array. That name rings a bell, but I’m not sure why it is here. Why would an arcane array belonging to the demon spirits appear here? Did the blood demon set it up before its death?”

Jared could barely hide his surprise, too. If the ancient ruins are what actuates the revitalization of spiritual energy, then why would there be an arcane array belonging to the demon spirits? It’s impossible that the demon spirits created the ancient ruins to activate the revitalization of spiritual energy.

“Did the blood demon set this up before its death?” Jared was confused. However, the blood demon had indeed passed away on Encanta Island and turned its body into a sculpture. Thus, it was highly probable that the arcane array was its doing.

No matter who had created the arcane array. Jared still had to destroy it and enter the ancient ruins.

He gave the others a reassuring smile and revealed, “I understand your fears, but please be assured that the power of this arcane array is waning. Despite its strong appearance, its core is already fragile.”

Slowly, he made his way to the front and stood before the arcane array. “Sword!” Jared raised his arm, and the Dragonslayer Sword manifested in his hands. The blade shimmered and shone with ethereal light.

The moment Jared brandished the Dragonslayer Sword, everyone felt a tremendous spurt, of power spreading in all directions. All eyes were drawn to the ancient blade in Jared’s hands..

It’s a spiritual sword! Claus had been hiding away in a corner, his presence barely noticeable. Nevertheless, when he saw Jared’s Dragonslayer Sword, his eyes suddenly lit up.

This guy must come from a family in one of the secret realms. That is the only logical explanation for why he has a spiritual sword of such a high caliber. Greed flashed across Claus’ eyes as he fixed his gaze on Jared’s spiritual sword..

Jared ignored the greedy gazes and directed the Power of Dragons into his sword. Soon, the Dragonslayer Sword started buzzing, sounding like the roar of a ferocious beast.

A brilliant, shimmering sword energy surged forth from the Dragonslayer Sword and ballooned into the sky. The light of the sword’s sharp energy flickered and danced as it rose higher.

“Break!” Jared roared. He brought the Dragonslayer Sword down in at powerful arc, aiming it directly at the arcane array.

Boom! That strike shook the entire island. Everyone felt the vibrations as if a powerful earthquake had struck the island, The arcane array glowed brilliantly and shattered into pieces before dissolving into nothingness as if it had never existed in the first place.

Everyone’s jaws dropped wide open when they realized the arcane array had been destroyed. Despite their combined efforts, Jose and his faction were unable to break the formation.

using their sacred martial arts relics. However, Jared managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible task with just a single move. His success astonished everyone present, and they could hardly believe that it had been. accomplished so easily.

Jose and the like had mixed feelings. Skylar was filled with a chaotic jumble of emotions as he watched Jared effortlessly shatter the arcane array. Rage and envy built up within him.

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