A Man Like None Other Chapter 1958

Seeing that, everyone gasped in disbelief. Even Jose and the like froze in shock. None of them had expected that the arcane array would be able to resist their combined efforts, which had been bolstered by the power of various sacred martial arts relics.

After a moment of utter shock, Jose’s demeanor shifted dramatically. A menacing glimmer appeared in his eyes and his countenance darkened as he scowled in anger.

Skylar said worriedly, “Sir, they were still unable to destroy the arcane array despite joining forces and having the help of sacred martial arts relics. Is it too powerful for them? If they can’t destroy it, all of our efforts will have been for nothing.”

As he watched in a corner, he grew increasingly anxious to discover that Jose and the like couldn’t destroy the arcane array despite their combined efforts.

Malphas snapped, “What a bunch of trash. Do they not understand how important it is to find the core of the arcane array in order to destroy it? There are so many people here. Don’t tell me none of them knows where the core is!”

He had not expected that the people here knew nothing about arcane arrays. Jose’s aura kept intensifying. He was determined not to be seen as a fool and be the subject of ridicule for his inability to destroy the arcane array. “Let’s have another go!”

With that, Jose and his companions launched another attack again. This time, they had put in every ounce of their energy and were determined to see a successful outcome.

The mighty force caused the earth on Encanta Island to tremble, and the sound of crashing waves could be heard from miles away. Alas, nothing changed. The arcane array was still intact.

After launching two consecutive assaults, Jose and his cohorts had expended half of their martial energy. They glanced at each other in silence. If they couldn’t destroy the arcane array, there was no way they would get to enter the ancient ruins.

Nevertheless, the formidability of the arcane array only made everyone grow more excited about the ancient ruins, for they were sure there must be some treasures hidden within. In fact, the rumored magical items that would grant immortality might very well be true. The prospect of finally laying their eyes on such treasures was too tantalizing to ignore.

Skylar was getting anxious. If no one could destroy the arcane array, the traps they had laid out would be in vain. “Sir, should we destroy the arcane array ourselves?” he suggested. They had set up this arcane array, so it was possible for them to be able to destroy it as well.

To his surprise, the spirit told him, “Destroying the arcane array is not possible, as it had been personally created by Lord Tanner himself. But I’m surprised by the magnitude of power it held, too.”

Skylar froze in disbelief. If it cannot be destroyed, we have no choice but to wait! Jose was looking crestfallen and helpless when Jared walked out and sneered, “You chose to use brute strength to dismantle the arcane array instead of attempting to discover its core. I wonder how you managed to come this far in cultivating.

Marcelo was absolutely livid. He had already been simmering with anger before Jared spoke, but now his temper had reached a boiling point. “Jared, what the f*ck did you just say? If you think you’ve got what it takes, then destroy it instead of making sarcastic comments!” he demanded.

Jose narrowed his eyes and gave Jared a cold look. “Jared, what are you talking about? Are you saying that you know where the core is?” “Of course,” came Jared’s answer.

Marcelo raised his voice to ask, “Stop boasting. Why don’t you take action if you’ve got what it takes? Are you attempting to reap the rewards without putting in any hard work?”

“Why would I take action? I’m free to do anything I want. What I do is none of your business. Jared’s retort rendered Marcelo speechless.

Jose glanced at Jared calmly. “Jared, if you’re able to destroy the arcane array, I’ll allow you to join us as one of the first to enter the ancient ruins. How does that sound?”

Clearly, the first group of people to gain access. to the ancient ruins would have an undeniable advantage over those that followed. To his surprise, Jared shook his head. “I can. destroy the arcane array, but I won’t follow you into the ancient ruins. You are free to enter before me.”

Hearing that, Marcelo snorted icily. “Jared, are you scared that there would be traps or hidden weapons within the ancient ruins?” Jared’s lips curled, but he didn’t bother answering Marcelo’s question. His reaction merely served to increase Marcelo’s fury.

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