A Man Like None Other Chapter 1957

When the elderly man’s hand came into contact with the arcane array, he was suddenly hurled backward and smashed into the ground. Blood started to seep from his nose and mouth, and his face quickly drained of color. It was clear that he was gravely injured.

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief. The elderly man was powerful, and yet even he was unable to break the powerful arcane array that was blocking the entrance to the ancient ruins. This meant that no one would be able to enter the ruins.

“The arcane array is too strong. I can’t believe an advanced-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis couldn’t destroy it!” Verner commented in shock.

Jared explained calmly, “One must seek out the core of the arcane array in order to demolish it. Only those who are exceptionally powerful are able to annihilate it through sheer strength and power.”

It was obvious that Jared knew the elderly man wouldn’t be able to destroy the arcane array before the latter even took action. Godrick asked, “Jared, can you destroy it?”

Jared nodded. “I only need a sword to destroy the arcane array.”

He was not bragging as he had managed to uncover the core of the arcane array. With his own ability and the assistance of the Dragonslayer Sword, he was certain that he would be able to demolish it without any difficulty.

However, Jared wasn’t about to do so. He was waiting for someone else to do it. He knew that Skylar had brought along four Black Gold Robe warriors. They could join hands and easily destroy the arcane array. The young man he saw at the pub should be capable, too.

These people didn’t take action or reveal themselves, so Jared decided to stay put. They were all competing to see who could remain patient and composed under the circumstances. Jared was patient, but someone else couldn’t wait any longer.

Jose stepped out and announced, “Everyone, we have finally arrived at Encanta Island, so we mustn’t let a mere arcane array stand in our way. Everyone here is equipped with a sacred martial arts relic, so we are more than capable of handling the array. Should anyone else wish to join us in taking down the arcane array, we would appreciate your assistance. If you have a sacred martial arts relic, then that would be all the better! We can work together and show that the array is nothing to be afraid of when we join forces. However, I must make myself clear. Once we destroy the arcane array, those who didn’t offer any help should stay back. Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking action against you.”

The arcane array outside the ancient ruins alone was powerful enough, so Jose knew more dangers would be lurking inside. He wanted more families to join forces with them to keep the situation under control.

After all, the three families in his faction weren’t strong enough to face the obstacles alone. A representative of one of the families declared, “I’m willing to join forces with you, Mr. Danaher. I have a sacred martial arts relic!”

Following the incident, it became apparent that if they continued to proceed independently, they would not reap any rewards. “I’m willing to join you, too!” Another family chose to join hands with Jose.

Within a short period of time, over ten families decided to join forces with Jose, and the faction he led quickly swelled to include hundreds of members. This newfound power made them the most influential group on the island.

A smirk of derision spread across Jose’s face as he shot Jared a challenging glare. He then turned to look at the arcane array. “Everyone, let’s join forces to destroy this arcane array!” he declared and pulled out his sacred martial arts relic. Everyone else retrieved their weapons, uniting their martial energy to create a brilliant luminosity that illuminated the area.

They were all Greater Martial Arts Marquises, wielding immense strength with the aid of some sacred martial arts relics. This force they were able to conjure up was exponentially more powerful than what a single person could generate on their own.

Everyone watched intently. The moment that the Mountain Defense Formation was shattered, they would immediately storm into the ancient ruins without any hesitation.

Jose and his cohorts had surrounded the entrance, forming an impenetrable barrier that denied access to anybody else. Many were displeased at his actions, yet they had no other alternative but to accept it.

Boom! Following the thunderous sound, the combined energy charged toward the arcane array. The ground shook and the sea roared as the entire Encanta Island trembled violently. That showed how powerful their combined energy was.

Alas, their aggressive attack only managed to leave a faint mark on the Mountain Defense Formation. These people didn’t suffer from any backlash, but they still failed to destroy the arcane array.

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