A Man Like None Other Chapter 1949

Soon, Skylar arrived at a small hill right in the center of Encanta Island. Its height was about a hundred meters above sea level. Hidden somewhere was a stone door with motifs carved on it. It looked extremely worn. out and had already cracked open..

Skylar easily walked through it to be greeted by a dark passageway. He then continued walking for about two to three hundred meters before arriving at a massive hall.

The hall was so huge that it could easily fit ten thousand people in it. Right in the center was an altar, but the stone pillars on it had already collapsed. It looked as if someone had destroyed it on purpose. “Sir, are these the fake ruins that we have built to trick everyone?”

Skylar was awed by the sight before him. A huge sum of money is required to build these fake ruins! On top of that, completing it would’ve taken years. Did the Warriors Alliance find out about the spiritual energy revival beforehand and build this place?

Skylar found it hard to believe. “We found the place in this condition and don’t know which sect it belongs to. Unfortunately, someone had already vandalized it. Some time ago, I’ve sent men here to cast an arcane array and reform the place. As long as those people from prestigious families enter this place, they’ll be trapped here forever. When the time comes, the island will be ours, and we can slowly wait for the spiritual energy revival and figure out the secrets this place is hiding.” Malphas explained.

It turned out that the phenomenon sensed by Godrick and the others earlier wasn’t caused by the spiritual energy revival. It was instead due to the arcane array set up by the Warriors Alliance that ended up scaring everyone away.

If Jared were to learn that the Warriors Alliance was the reason that Godrick had fled back to Jadeborough, he would definitely give the latter an earful.

Soon, news of the ancient ruins in the center of Encanta Island containing an arcane array began to spread. As the rumor continued to spread far and wide, it gradually became exaggerated.

Although hordes of people went searching for it, none of them succeeded because the entrance had been sealed off by Skylar. He wasn’t going to let anyone discover it until the very last moment.

By the time Jared arrived on Encanta Island with Verner and Flaxseed, thousands of elite warriors had already gathered on the island. The spectacular sight shocked Jared.

Without a moment’s delay, he led his companions to the palace to see Norm. When Godrick and the others left the island, Norm chose to stay. He was, after all, the king of the land. Upon learning of Jared’s arrival, he rushed out of the palace ecstatically to welcome the former.

“Mr. Chance, thank God you’re here. So many people have gathered on the island! I’m so worried about the chaos they might cause…” Norm-on the brink of tears-ranted the moment he saw Jared.

The people who had arrived on the island were all warriors powerful enough to destroy his palace singlehandedly. Fortunately for him, no one had caused him any trouble yet. All they did was set up camp in their respective areas. “How did you know I was coming?”

Jared gave Norm a look of surprise. “Oh, I’ve sent a messenger to Jadeborough to request your presence. I just didn’t expect you to arrive so quickly.”

Norm thought Jared was brought here by his subordinate. Little did he know that his messenger didn’t even get to see Jared during his trip to Jadeborough. “I came from someplace else and didn’t get to meet with your messenger. Anyway, get the rooms ready for us to rest,” Jared instructed.

“Sure, sure.” Norm swiftly made the arrangements, allowing Verner’s men to settle in right away.

As for Flaxseed, he headed straight into his room with Jessica in tow. When amorous moans rang out from the room, Jared and Verner exchanged smiles with each other, knowing what Flaxseed was up to.

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