A Man Like None Other Chapter 1948

After a moment’s deliberation, Brad nodded in agreement. Nonetheless, he reminded Claus, “Once you’re out in the mundane world, you have to be careful in whatever you do. We don’t know how many prestigious families have gathered on the island, so keep your head down. Remember, only the last man standing is the victor.”

“Got it.” Claus nodded before leaving the secret realm excitedly. Meanwhile, hundreds of powerful characters had gathered on Encanta Island. They came from all over the country, representing many prestigious families and sects. Moreover, people were still swarming onto the island non- stop.

Even though there were no rules to prevent these people from causing trouble, all they did was settle into their respective areas peacefully, as if they were all waiting for something. Staring at the crowd, a Black Gold Robe warrior exclaimed, “Mr. Malphas, I’m surprised to see so many people gathered here!”

“Looks like the families in the Eight Major Secret Realms have long groomed their own factions in the mundane world and have been hiding them very well.”

Even though Skylar was speaking, his voice belonged to that of a gruff old man. The reason Evil Heart Sect supported the Warriors Alliance in Jadeborough was so that they, too, could one day gain a foothold in the mundane world.

The Warriors Alliance was just a tool for them to gather information. “Sir, will all of them fall into the trap we have set up on the island?” Skylar asked, concerned by the huge crowd. After all, the cumulative strength of their sheer numbers might overpower the capacity of their trap.

“Don’t worry. The strongest among them are at most Greater Martial Arts Marquises. There’s nothing for us to fear even if they possess sacred martial arts relics. Why are you so afraid when we have four Black Gold Robe warriors on our side? You must have been scared sh*tless by Jared,” Malphas reprimanded him.

When Skylar was cowed into silence, Malphas instructed the four Black Gold Robe warriors, “Disguise yourselves and spread the rumor that contained within the ancient ruins in the center of the island is an arcane array that can kick start the spiritual energy revival.”

“Understood.” The four Black Gold Robe warriors nodded before leaving. “Sir, are there really ancient ruins and an arcane. array on the island?” Skylar asked curiously. “I’m not sure about the ancient ruins, but there’s definitely an arcane array or altar of some sort.

Otherwise, why would the spiritual energy revival happen here?” Malphas flatly replied. “I thought the revival of spiritual energy occurs due to the laws of nature!” Skylar asked in surprise. Is someone controlling it?

“You’re being too naive. The laws of nature are also developed by humans. Even this entire world is created by some sort of divine being. From the perspective of ordinary folk, the energy of heaven and earth comes from nature. To us, it is the power of the divine being. Similar to the Eight Major Secret Realms created by an immortal in the vast expanse of this world, the divine being is capable of creating other worlds, including the universe. That said, this isn’t something comprehensible even to me. Our priority now is to figure out how to strengthen ourselves and break through the laws of nature so that we can travel to another world to meet the leader of the demons…”

Skylar was mind blown as he listened to Malphas’ explanation. As he wasn’t a cultivator, his knowledge about such matters was limited. It wasn’t until he joined the Warriors Alliance that he began to learn about the heavenly realm..

Nevertheless, Malphas’ theory of the presence of a divine being made Skylar feel as if a pair of eyes was watching every single one of them. “Why am I telling you all this? It’s not like you understand at all.”

Realizing that he had said too much, Malphas ordered, “Let’s head to the ancient ruins to check it one more time. As long as we can lure those families into it, we’ll be able to bury them there for eternity.”

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