A Man Like None Other Chapter 1946

The words filled Austin with shock. Despite spending so much time in Norham, he never knew that there were other sects on his territory. “Thank you for warning me, Mr. Chance. I’ll be careful.”

If Jared hadn’t told him about it, Austin would remain oblivious to the fact. The reason he didn’t notice them was that members of Demon Sect were careful with their movements in the mundane world and didn’t harm anyone.

Upon leaving Norham, Jared set off for Encanta Island with Verner, Flaxseed, and Jessica. Now that Jessica and Flaxseed were inseparable, Jared allowed her to join them. Moreover, she would be of great use when it came to opening Evil Heart Sect’s secret realm to save Josephine.

Meanwhile, on Encanta Island, Norm was filled with worry as he sat on his throne. Ever since Jared destroyed the stone statue of the blood demon, calamity upon calamity descended on Encanta Island, causing its residents to flee. Nevertheless, instead of leaving, Norm stayed behind with the rest. At the very least, the place

was isolated from the rest of the world and free of conflict. On top of that, Norm could live the carefree life of a king on the island, which was something he took great pleasure in..

However, a continuous stream of powerful newcomers had been swarming toward the island lately. Even though they didn’t do anything other than settle on the island, Norm was unnerved by the sudden influx of powerful warriors.

Consequently, he had his subordinates keep ant eye on those newcomers and even sent someone to Jadeborough to notify Jared. While many prestigious families and sects.

within the mundane world kept an eye on Encanta Island, plenty of other families within secret realms were also doing the same. Given that Encanta Island was the first spiritual energy revival area, they wanted to seize it for themselves during the revival period.

Meanwhile, members of Violet Cloud Palace. were having a meeting within their secret realm. Santiago, the master of Violet Cloud Palace, wore a solemn expression as he spoke. “The revival of spiritual energy is part of the Heavenly Law cycle. I believe most of the major secret realms are already aware of the revival area and have sent men to fight for it. Which begs the question, have we sent ours?”

One of the elders stood up to reply, “Yes, Mr. Hargreaves. They have already arrived at Encanta Island. The eldest son of the Danaher family, Jose, has led the Elite Eighteen there. They are the family’s strongest warriors.”

“Do you have any information on the men sent by other major secret realms?” Santiago asked. Silence quickly descended upon the room. Not only did they not know the strength of the teams sent by other prestigious families and sects but also had no way of finding out.

The prestigious families in secret realms had representative families in the mundane world, and everything about those families was highly confidential. If it weren’t for the period of spiritual energy revival, none of those families would ever show themselves. Thus, there was no way they could be investigated.

Faced with such a situation, Santiago let out a deep sigh. “The spiritual energy revival heralds a new era of bloodshed. If we don’t even know the strength of our enemies, how are we going. to survive what’s coming? Go and investigate every single one of the Eight Major Secret Realms right now!”

The moment he finished his sentence, the fuming Santiago waved everyone off to dismiss them. Another reason why he was so angry was that he didn’t even have the opportunity to spend time with Beatrice despite hiding her for such a long time already.

Given how terrifyingly strict his wife was, he didn’t dare cross the line under her watchful eye. Meanwhile, Hailey had taken off her clothes and was soaking in a hot spring within a secret realm. Autumn kept watch, stopping anyone from approaching.

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