A Man Like None Other Chapter 1939

“It’s been a few days. Why hasn’t Patrick contacted us yet?” Skylar complained while staring in the direction of Norham. They had been waiting for Patrick’s message for a few days, but they still hadn’t received anything from him.

Unbeknownst to Skylar and Malphas, Patrick had already died, and Demon Sect was currently undergoing major reformation with Simon eliminating Patrick’s remaining confidants.

Boom! Suddenly, a deafening explosion rang out in the air while a multicolored light burst out in all directions.

Amidst the blinding light was a pill enshrouded in a golden gleam, radiating scorching heat like a sun. It was so bright that it even outshone the sun. “Is that the divine pill?” Skylar stared at the pill that was floating in mid-air in surprise.

Shortly after, a figure soared into the sky, grabbing the pill. The brilliant light vanished as soon as the figure’s palm encased the pill, and tranquility was once again restored in Norham.

Jared opened his palm, looking at the pill that exuded a faint golden glow. Excitement filled his heart. “Is this… the legendary Purple Vitality Pill?” Thrilled, Jared could feel his body trembling slightly.

This Purple Vitality Pill will help me achieve a breakthrough and ascend from the middle-phase of Greater Martial Arts Marquis to the advanced- phase! I might even be able to reach Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis!

In fact, Jared was gambling on the success of creating the Purple Vitality Pill. After all, it was a known fact that success wasn’t guaranteed in terms of alchemy, and the higher the pill’s tier was, the higher the chances of failing to create it.

Consuming the refined ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower would not increase his strength significantly, but it was a different story if the Purple Vitality Pill was created. The pill would vastly improve his capabilities.

However, the creation of the Purple Vitality Pill had its risks too. If Jared failed, he would also lose the precious ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower, and the spiritual energy he exhausted would’ve been for nothing, too.

Fortunately, Jared succeeded with the Divine Cauldron’s help. The power of the ancient cauldron could not be underestimated. Flaxseed and Verner rushed toward Jared as soon as he landed on the ground with the pill in his hand. Flaxseed gushed excitedly, “Jared, did you….

create a divine pill?”

Jared nodded while flashing a faint smile. Seeing that, Flaxseed was belatedly flooded with fear. “You’re so bold! I can’t believe you made a divine pill! If you fail, the ten-thousand- year-old tuber fleeceflower would’ve gone to waste! How are you so sure you’d succeed?”

“Life itself is a huge gamble, isn’t it? Nobody knows what the future holds.” Jared smiled. “You’re awesome. I would never dare to do something like this…” Flaxseed gave Jared a thumbs up.

At the same time, Austin and Kayson finally arrived. Envy was written all over Austin’s face when he spotted Jared. He congratulated Jared, “Well done, Mr.. Chance. Congratulations on the success of making a divine pill!”

“Thank you. I promised to create the Trispirit Pill. I will write down the prescription now, and you can prepare the ingredients,” Jared stated casually. He was a man of his word, so he would create the pill as promised. Moreover, it would be easier for him to create the Trispirit Pill with help from the Divine Cauldron. Even though the Trispirit Pill was no divine pill, it was still a high-tier pill that could boost one’s strength tremendously.

Austin nodded enthusiastically when he heard Jared’s words. “All right. I’ll get them prepared now!”

With that, Jared gave Austin a prescription. The latter immediately sent his subordinates all over Norham on a search for the medicinal herbs written in the prescription.

The herbs were all collected within half a day, which showed that Austin’s influence as the mayor of Norham could not be underestimated.

That night, Jared used the Divine Cauldron to create the Trispirit Pill for Austin. While he was at it, he also made a few Great Supplementation Pills for Flaxseed, for he thought that the latter’s licentious lifestyle would shorten his lifespan and damage his health significantly.

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