A Man Like None Other Chapter 1938

Keeping his eyes shut, Jared held his breath. and concentrated on practicing alchemy. Engulfed by the flames of the spiritual fire, the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower slowly turned into liquid as a refreshing scent drifted out from the Divine Cauldron.

Time flew by in the blink of an eye, and three days soon passed. A brilliant and colorful light shone from the Divine Cauldron at that moment. The light rays grew stronger, enveloping the entire hotel.

Flaxseed and Verner were both shocked by the aura that radiated from Jared’s room. Meanwhile, Austin from the Zagorski family quickly rushed to the hotel with Kayson in tow when he noticed the strange occurrences at the hotel. On their way there, Kayson asked Austin, “Dad, what’s the matter? What’s with that sudden unusual phenomenon at the hotel?”

“It’s probably the manifestation of a divine pill! I bet Mr. Chance is refining the ten-thousand- year-old tuber fleeceflower!” Austin exclaimed excitedly, quickening his pace. Meanwhile, in the hotel, Flaxseed and Verner were waiting patiently and quietly outside Jared’s room. Buzz…

Suddenly, the Divine Cauldron in Jared’s room began emitting a buzzing sound before a dazzling light spread out in all directions..

The colorful lights shot up into the sky, and the spectacular sight stopped many passersby in their tracks. Everyone was wondering what was going on.

At the same time, on the top of a mountain not far away from Norham, Skylar watched everything unfold while wearing a solemn expression. He didn’t leave after escaping from Norham. Instead, he waited for Patrick’s signal to head to Encanta Island, for they had set a trap there.

If Jared headed over to the island, the trap they prepared would be put to use to deal with. Jared. Skylar and Patrick could even take advantage of the spiritual energy’s recovery to revive the blood demon.

If, by chance, Jared didn’t head to Encanta Island, Skylar and Patrick would use the trap to deal with other families because there was no way they would stand by and watch others claim Encanta Island as their own. Staring at the strange phenomenon, Skylar muttered to himself in confusion, “What’s that?”

“It’s the manifestation of a divine pill. I’m sure it’s Jared’s doing. I didn’t think it was possible that he could create a divine pill from the ten- thousand-year herb he got his hands on.” Malphas spoke from within Skylar. “Divine pill?” Skylar was confused. He didn’t know much about pills, let alone divine pills.

“A divine pill is a sky-tier pill. The higher the tier of a pill, the harder it is to create it and the harsher the requirements for a pill furnace that works. Who would have expected Jared to be able to create a divine pill? Most importantly, how did he get his hands on a pill furnace that can create a divine pill? Jared harbors too many secrets. Let’s hope we can eliminate him for good during the period of spiritual energy recovery this time,” said Malphas, his voice laced with concern.

“Sir, Jared has many experts by his side. I’m afraid it’s hard for us to eliminate him.” Following the battle a few days ago, the thought of Jared invoked lingering fear within Skylar because every time he fought with Jared, he would get defeated. “Are you scared?” Malphas questioned.

“…” Skylar hesitated, not knowing what to say in response. Indeed, his confidence and ambitious personality had begun to waver after he was trounced by Jared time and again.

“Hmph, you lost to him a few times, that’s all. How can you be afraid of him just because of that? You’re such a loser for an Inferno Devil! You don’t have to fear him once you unleash your powerful physique! Plus, I’ve informed the Black Gold Robe warriors this time around. They will send people over to aid us in the fight!” Malphas sneered.

Hope filled Skylar’s eyes when he heard that the Black Gold Robe warriors would be involved. After all, the Black Gold Robe warriors were all Martial Arts Saints, and Jared would only face defeat once such powerful figures were mobilized.

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