A Man Like None Other Chapter 1933

Jared had exhausted too much staminal unleashing Nine Shadows Godly Strike and materializing five shadow clones of himself. After all, rays of light that emitted from those shadow clones also stemmed from the strength within Jared. Had the shadow clones been mere illusions, they could never have possessed any attack power.

Astonished, Patrick gaped at Jared. The former had pulled his ultimate move but still could not seem to finish Jared off, not to mention even failing to incapacitate him.

Patrick then caught a glimpse of Jared panting profusely. The corner of his lips curled slightly upward as a thought popped into his head.

“No matter what technique you use, Jared, you’ll only be expending lots of spiritual energy. As for me, the power of laws is at my disposal. Your time is up! Prepare to meet your doom!”

Patrick knew that Jared was already at his limit. Altering his stance, Patrick took root in the spot and sent vines piercing deep underground. The next second, his aura intensified.

Countless vines began to whirl as they twined around one another and danced in mid-air at an ever-increasing speed. In an instant, a tornado was conjured in the sky.

Gathering enormous strength, the tornado spun wildly as it advanced toward Jared. Should Jared get swept into it, even his Herculean physique would be crushed into. meat paste.

He stared intently at that gargantuan tornado, only to find everything else in its surroundings being swallowed inside and ripped to shreds. That sight stunned Flaxseed and the gang and they unwittingly retreated as far as they could.

Right when Flaxseed was distancing himself from the imminent danger, he noticed Jessica at the entrance was gradually getting sucked into the tornado. As she was weak, the strong wind proved too much for her to handle.

Gasping in horror, Flaxseed leaped toward where the woman was, completely disregarding his own safety. He quickly took Jessica in his arms and went all out to escape the pull from the tornado.

As gusts of wind flurried through the air, he gnashed his teeth, struggling to stand his ground with every step he took. No matter what, I won’t let go of Jessica!

Jessica, in turn, held onto Flaxseed, gazing at the old, ugly man right before her eyes in silence. For some reason, Flaxseed seemed like a different man to her at that time. Since when has he become so dashing and muscular?

Little did Jessica realize that the man was starting to grow on her. During the interim, the monstrous tornado was fast approaching Jared. Seeing the terrifying aura zipping toward him, he could feel that his life was in danger.

He gripped Dragonslayer Sword with both hands and channeled Power of Dragons into the sword. Then came a series of buzzing sounds from Dragonslayer Sword in his hands.

Jared let out a roar, and Dragonslayer Sword radiated a magnificent glow. Immediately afterward, a beam of golden aura emanated from the sword.

In a matter of seconds, the golden aura formed a colossal sword of dozens of meters long in mid-air and shielded Jared. Rays of golden light illuminated the dark sky so brightly that it resembled daylight..

“Now!” Jared swung the weapon in his hands with all his might. A gush of blinding light zapped across the scene and headed toward the wild tornado. The moment the two distinct auras clashed with each other, a thundering explosion was heard.

The relentless tornado would not stop until it reached Jared. Be that as it might, it would have to get past the mighty golden light of Dragonslayer Sword.

The swelling of the horrifying aura in the atmosphere went unabated. Eventually, it brought about a distortion of the secret realm. “S-Stop it! At this rate, the secret realm is going to fall apart!” Simon was the first to yell when he witnessed the scary sight.

That would be logical, for secret realms were created by arcane arrays. In a sense, they were not indestructible. To sustain a powerful collision like that, there was no telling if the secret realm would actually collapse.

Simon’s voice distracted Patrick. The latter furrowed his brows at that. Destroying the secret realm was the last thing. he wanted. No, Demon Sect mustn’t fall. My effort cannot go to waste!

On the flip side, Jared seemed unfazed by the circumstance. Whether or not the secret realm would crumble, he would not be affected. If anything, members of Demon Sect would have to start a new life in the mundane world.. Either way, it would not pose a threat to any of them. Just as Patrick was lost in his own thoughts, a glint flitted across Jared’s eyes. Here comes my chance!

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