A Man Like None Other Chapter 1931

“Mr. Chance!” “Jared…” Verner, Flaxseed, and the rest hurried forward and circled Jared worriedly. Jared gave a dismissive wave to indicate that he was all right. “Mr. Chance, why don’t I trap this b*stard with the Immortal Binding Rope?” Verner suggested.

“No need. This is a battle between us.” Jared rejected his suggestion instantly and kept his Dragonslayer Sword. His aura started swirling. “Ha! Jared, you’re too arrogant!” Patrick sneered.

He felt insulted as Jared wasn’t going to use his weapon. Without hesitation, he delivered a kick that turned into countless shadows. Jared felt like he was being bombarded with countless legs as the sound of the whooshing air filled his ears, creating an incredibly loud noise.

“Sacred Light Fist!” he growled and threw his fist out. His fist moved so quickly that it seemed like it was in slow motion, yet the speed of his punch was so powerful that it created a multitude of flickering, luminous fist shadows that illuminated the area around him.

Bam, bam, bam….

It appeared that both of them had merely unleashed one strike each, yet there followed a succession of loud explosions that caused the entire realm to shake..

The wind howled furiously through Demon Sect, creating a tumultuous atmosphere that caused Flaxseed and the rest to retreat hastily. Jared had activated his Golem Body to bear the immense pressure and attack Patrick.

Patrick continuously launched assaults against Jared. In the blink of an eye, they had already begun to engage in a tumultuous and chaotic fight. No one could see their figures clearly or discern how many moves they had dealt.

Patrick used the power of laws and his ability as a Greater Martial Arts Marquis to launch a barrage of attacks against Jared. Meanwhile, Jared relied on his Golem Body and tough physical body to retaliate, showing no signs of retreat or fear.

There was still no winner. Jared grew bolder with each move, and Patrick grew increasingly horrified even though he had mastered the power of laws in the secret realm.”

Had they remained in the mundane world instead of the secret realm, Patrick would have been defeated by now.

Thud, thud! Following the sound, Jared and Patrick finally separated from each other. Their faces were set in grim expressions as they heaved and puffed as their breath came out in labored gasps.

“This is truly thrilling!” Jared commented as he wiped the sweat off his brows.

He was pleasantly astonished to find out that it was more exciting to face off against Patrick than Skylar. Skylar was not a formidable opponent as his only strength came from the spirit within him.

In contrast to his gentle, unassuming appearance, Patrick had a surprisingly strong cultivation foundation which he had worked hard to acquire. His expression contorted in fury when he heard Jared’s comment.

He was a Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis who was an expert in tapping into the power of the realm’s laws but found himself in a draw with Jared, who was a middle-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Patrick felt humiliated as those from Demon Sect were giving him weird looks. He knew he would have to defeat Jared today, or he would never be able to compel the members of Demon Sect to show him respect.

“As expected of the Golden Dragon’s True Form. It is capable of making your body exceptionally strong. Even if you’re a real dragon, I swear I’ll rip off your skin and destroy your tendons!” Patrick swore viciously. All of a sudden, a bright green light emerged on Patrick’s head..

Jared and the rest gaped in disbelief at the astonishing sight. “D*mn, what is that? Is that a cuckold?” Flaxseed blurted out, mistaking the green light for a cuckoo’s green feathers.

He abruptly shut up when he noticed Jessica was still standing at the entrance of the hall. After all, Jared just told him that Jessica and Patrick had sex previously. If he claimed that Patrick was turning into a cuckold, he was saying that Jessica had cheated on Patrick.

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