A Man Like None Other Chapter 1928

With her messy hair, Jessica looked disheveled and exhausted. Flaxseed glanced at Jessica, and a glint of pity flashed across his eyes. Although Jessica tried. to poison them, he couldn’t bring himself to hate her.

Patrick saw Jessica, and his expression darkened. Murderous intent filled the air as he said, “How dare you betray me? I asked you to give them the Cultivation Reversal Potion. Why did you not do it and lied to me?”

“She didn’t lie to you. She poured the Cultivation Reversal Potion into our coffee, but it did not affect me because I’m immune to all poisons.” Jared sneered coldly.

Jessica glanced at Jared and lowered her head in shame. She no longer dared to face Jared after pouring the Cultivation Reversal Potion into Jared’s and the other’s coffee. “I didn’t expect that.”

Patrick’s expression turned gloomy. Since the truth was out in the open, there was no need to continue pretending. “You still have a lot to learn…”

With that, Jared began emanating a terrifying. aura from his body.

Upon seeing this, Patrick couldn’t help but scoff coldly. “Jared, you’re no match for me with your current ability. Also, you must have forgotten you’re still in Demon Sect. This is my turf, so you’d better not intervene in our sect’s matters. I can let you guys off and I can continue to support you whether you’re going to save your girlfriend or go to Encanta Island. However, if you still insist on interfering with my sect’s affairs, you can’t blame me for acting ruthless.”

Patrick was rather calm when facing Jared. “I’m no match for you? Are you a narcissist?”

Jared sneered coldly.Patrick emanated a horrifying aura and instantly suppressed Jared’s. “Narcissist? Do you still think I’m a narcissist with this? I didn’t become the vice president only with tactics but also with my strength.”

“Top Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis?” Jared furrowed his brows. He didn’t expect Patrick to be so strong and was already a Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Everyone looked at Patrick in shock, including Simon. It was evident that everyone had been deceived by Patrick for so many years and didn’t know his actual strength.

Contempt appeared on Patrick’s face as he uttered calmly, “Why? Are you afraid now? If you’re afraid, you should leave quietly. I won’t make things difficult and force you to leave the blood demon’s body behind.”

Jared frowned. The only reason Patrick initially decided to work with him was to obtain the blood demon’s body. Therefore, he found it surprising that Patrick no longer wanted it anymore. No matter what, Jared wasn’t planning on leaving.

“You’re too arrogant. Do you not know I have killed all seven Greater Martial Arts Marquis from Warriors Alliance? I slaughtered them even though they had a sacred martial arts relic. How could you be so arrogant when you’re just a Greater Martial Arts Marquis? You guys should know Skylar. He could only try to escape from me when he sees me.”

Jared smirked. “Don’t compare me with that fool! If Mr. Malphas was not in his body, he would be nothing. I want everyone to know I can still become Greater Martial Arts Marquis and even Martial Arts Saint without a spirit.”

Patrick was filled with disdain, as he didn’t even consider Skylar a threat. The only reason he was so respectful to Skylar was because of Malphas! “You’re going to face your death today, Patrick.”

With that, a cold glint flashed across Jared’s eyes.

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