A Man Like None Other Chapter 1925

A chill ran down Jared’s spine when he heard Simon’s words. The situation was just as he had expected. Patrick was not the person that he appeared to be. He was, in fact, scarily ambitious. “Simon, what exactly happened to Demon Sect?” Jared asked.

Simon sighed and said, “Patrick killed the lord of Demon Sect a long time ago, and he has been secretly controlling Demon Sect and building his own army since then. Now that the time is right, he is going to take over Demon Sect.”

As Simon was speaking, several high-ranking members of Demon Sect caught up to them.

The men were surprised to see Jared. One of them pointed at Simon and said gruffly, “Come with us quietly, Simon. This is Mr. Sullivan’s order. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to resort to violence.”

“Hmph! All of you are traitors! Our lord treated all of you so well. Yet, none of you are interested in avenging his death! Traitors!” Simon spat at the men angrily.

The faces of the men turned ugly with rage. After all, no one liked being called a traitor. “Simon, we are all just trying to survive. Don’t make this difficult for us.”

The men began to slowly approach Simon. Simon gritted his teeth. A look of desperation crossed his face.

“You are all from the same sect. How can you turn on each other in the blink of an eye? Is this all because of Patrick?” Jared said, stepping in between Simon and the men.

The men turned to Jared with icy expressions and replied dismissively, “Stay out of this, Jared. This is Demon Sect business! It has nothing to do with you. You’d better not interfere!”

“I have a business relationship with Demon Sect. If there is a problem within the sect, it would certainly concern me. Go now, all of you. Go and tell Patrick that I’m here to kill him,” Jared declared with a sneer.

The men’s faces twisted with rage at Jared’s words. “B*stards! Did you not hear what Mr. Chance said?” Verner cussed. At the sound of his voice, the Gingerich family’s men immediately surrounded the men from Demon Sect. Those men were stunned by the sudden turn of events.

They were cowards who had been willing to betray their sect just to save their own skin. With danger all around them, their faces quickly drained of color.

They were definitely not going to be able to put up a good fight. “Fine, we will return and pass your message to Mr. Sullivan.” The men relented and began retreating slowly. Once they were out of the line of fire, the men summoned the gate to the secret realm and walked through.

Once the men had disappeared into the secret realm, Simon turned to Jared and cried out earnestly, “Thank you, Mr. Chance. You saved my life. I hope you can save Demon Sect too! Too many people have become Patrick’s victim.”

“I’ll get rid of Patrick regardless of your request, Simon.”

After all, Jared and Warriors Alliance were enemies, and Warriors Alliance was supported by Evil Heart Sect. Since Patrick planned to lead Demon Sect to submit to Evil Heart Sect, Jared would not allow that to happen.

“With your help, Demon Sect will be saved. I’ll take you into the secret realm now… If the way to enter the secret realm is changed later, we will not be able to get in anymore.”

Simon led Jared and the others into the secret realm. Soon, they arrived at the gates of Demon Sect. At that moment, Patrick had successfully wrangled control of Demon Sect after ridding himself of several high-ranking Demon Sect members who had resisted him.

He was now the true lord of Demon Sect. Patrick was excited about the future. He would wait for his spiritual energy to recharge. After that, the world would be his.

Patrick returned to the room with a look of glee on his face. Jessica was sprawled on the ground. She had tried her best to break through the arcane array, but she still could not free herself even after exhausting all her energy.

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