A Man Like None Other Chapter 1921

Demon Sect might be a demonic cult, but staying aloof from the world and focusing on cultivation were its tenets. For many years, Evil Heart Sect remained secluded and had minimal conflicts with the other secular sects and prestigious families.

Moreover, Demon Sect and Evil Heart Sect had never been in agreement with each other. The sudden announcement by Patrick had left many baffled as they could not believe their ears!

“Mr. Sullivan, what do you mean? Where’s Mr. Vendzul? How come he’s not here to make this important announcement?” one of the leaders asked Patrick.

To these leaders, Gurva was still the one with the highest authority. They were unhappy with Patrick because they thought he was too young and inexperienced.

“Mr. Vendzul is not feeling well, so I make the announcement on his behalf. He has given us the green light, so you just need to obey his decision,” Patrick responded icily while glaring at the people around him..

“We should pay Mr. Vendzul a visit if he’s not feeling well. Take us to him so that we can hear his instructions directly.” Another leader stood up and raised his voice.

“D*mn it! I’m the second-in-command in Demon Sect. Are you saying I have no power to make any decision? How dare you?” Patrick waved his hand and cast out a wave of energy, sending that leader flying out!

His sudden move instantly stunned the crowd! Those people knew nothing about Patrick’s capability. They always thought he was just a polite young man and underestimated him.

That was why they were not afraid of him and refused to obey his command unless the sect leader personally gave them the order. Yet now, Patrick was able to subdue the crowd with just a single move. Observing the silence that had fallen over the hall, he smirked indifferently.

“Mr. Sullivan, what you said is probably not the Sect Master’s decision, but your own, right? You must have killed Mr. Vendzul a long time ago.” Suddenly, Simon stood up and questioned Patrick. “What do you mean, Mr. Lambert?” Patrick narrowed his eyes.

“What do I mean? You should know best. Mr. Vendzul started wearing a mask years ago, citing a disfigurement and fear of being seen. I believe you’ve already killed him and have been

manipulating his body through dark magic ever since. Now, Mr. Vendzul is nothing more than a skeleton!” Simon said aloofly while staring at Patrick and starting to gather his aura.

“What nonsense are you spouting, Mr. Lambert? Be careful, or you’ll pay the price for spreading rumors!” Patrick bellowed. “You accuse me of spreading rumors? I’ll prove everything I’ve said, and show you that they are not just rumors!” Simon said. He then ordered loudly, “Bring Mr. Vendzul in!”

Soon, two members of Demon Sect brought Gurva in. As expected, the sect leader still had a mask on. Upon seeing him from a distance, the crowd dropped to their knees and greeted, “Mr. Vendzul.”

Patrick’s eyes flashed with a murderous glint as he discovered that Simon had secretly brought Gurva over. His fists involuntarily clenched in anger.

“Everyone, take a good look at what our sect leader has become,” Simon said, removing the mask to reveal a skeleton! The color drained from everyone’s faces as they were all horrified.

“Do you want to explain yourself, Patrick?” Simon asked. Patrick responded with a cold snort. “There’s nothing for me to explain. Either you do as I say, or you face the consequences. And if you all obey me, I’ll double the resources you need for your cultivation.”

That was his promise to all the sect members. Upon noticing the turn of events, many members decided to defect to Patrick’s side by standing behind him.

It was clear that Patrick had gained support from his followers since he had been the deputy sect leaders for so many years. Yet, only a few members were on Simon’s side. There was still a group of members who were undecided, as they were unsure which side to support.

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