A Man Like None Other Chapter 1919

“You’re invulnerable, but what about me? Still, I don’t feel anything strange going on in me.. Could it be that your guess was wrong?”

Flaxseed felt well, and he did not show any signs of poisoning. “The poisoning might not be fatal. They might be aiming for something else.” With that, Jared turned to look at the ten- thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower.

“Could the Demon Sect have poisoned us for the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower? Why don’t they get it themselves instead of stealing it from you?” Flaxseed wondered out loud.

“I’m not sure either, but the ten-thousand-year- old tuber fleeceflower mustn’t be the only thing they’re after. There’s something odd about Patrick, but I can’t tell what it is. Moreover, I’ve only seen the lord of the Demon Sect once. I’m starting to doubt the existence of the Demon Sect’s lord. I think the one who’s controlling Demon Sect is actually Patrick,” Jared enunciated.

“What are these people trying to do? I’d say that the demon spirits aren’t trustworthy,” Flaxseed gritted out. “I don’t think so. I doubt the members of Demon Sect know that their lord is gone and that

they’ve been heeding Patrick’s orders instead. Moreover, the members of Demon Sect aren’t the same as the other demon spirits as in they’re not the murderous kind. They’re only getting tricked by Patrick. As for what’s going on right now, I’d say we’ll find out tonight. I have an antidote with me. Regardless of whether or not you feel unwell, you should take it first.”

Jared passed Flaxseed a pill. Although Flaxseed seemed fine, he might not actually be fine. Flaxseed took the pill and swallowed it before leaving Jared’s room. Jessica went back to Demon Sect to make her report.

“Jessica, have you made Jared take the Cultivation Reversal Potion?” Patrick asked. Jessica bobbed her head. “Yes, I have.”

“You’ve done well! You’ve done plentiful for our Demon Sect!” As Patrick spoke, he walked over to Jessica and gently caressed her cheek. Then, he kissed her.

Complicated feelings washed over Jessica. She would have been delighted about it if it had been another day. However, that day, Jessica felt nothing for him. In fact, she even thought of moving away from him. After a while, Patrick realized that she was not responding to his kiss. Hence, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“…” A worried look crept onto Jessica’s face. “Mr. Sullivan, are you going to kill Jared?” “What’s the matter? Are you worried about him?” Patrick asked, frowning.

“No, I just don’t think that there’s a need for us to kill someone if we can get what we want,” Jessica hastily replied. However, Patrick stared at her for a moment before abruptly slapping her.

Smack! Jessica fell to the ground from the force. Lifting Jessica, Patrick scrunched up his face and snarled, “B*tch, have you fallen for him? I can’t believe you’re worried about him now. Tell me, have you slept with him?”

Jessica was frightened out of her wits. She had never seen Patrick act so viciously. Patrick was usually a polite, mild-mannered person, and his sudden transformation took Jessica aback.

At her silence, Patrick shoved her onto the bed before tearing her clothes away. Jessica tried to fight back, but Patrick responded by beating her up. In the end, Jessica gave up. Her tears escaped her eyes in despair as Patrick ravished her.

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