A Man Like None Other Chapter 1917

Although Austin’s halberd was a sacred martial arts relic, it felt like a children’s toy when compared with Jared’s Dragonslayer Sword. Patrick narrowed his eyes slightly as they twitched slightly. While Skylar was envious of Jared’s power, he also got anxious as it would be incredibly difficult for him to outperform Jared.

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid?” the spirit inside Skylar’s body asked when it detected the fluctuations in his mental state. “N-No, I’m not!” Skylar replied as he frantically. tried to calm himself down.

“You can’t lie to me. There’s no need for you to worry, though. The stronger Jared gets, the more benefits we will be able to get out of him. Once he gets strong enough, Lord Tanner will be able to use his body to return to the Ethereal Realm. You might even be lucky enough to see him in person!” the spirit said excitedly.

Skylar had wanted to ask what the Ethereal Realm was, but he figured the spirit wouldn’t tell him about it. Besides, he probably wouldn’t understand even if the spirit did tell him, so he didn’t bother asking.

“Now that you’ve obtained the ten-thousand- year-old tuber fleeceflower, let’s get out of here!” Flaxseed called out to Jared. He knew that having that rare herb in one’s possession would surely paint a target on one’s back.

No deal or partnership was safe from betrayal when faced with something that tempting. Jared nodded and thanked Austin and Patrick before heading back to the hotel with Verner’s men.

He didn’t dare head over to the Zagorski residence with the ten-thousand-year-old-tuber fleeceflower in his possession, and he absolutely refused to go anywhere near Demon Sect. However, he did trust Verner as Wayne from The Adamantine had personally ordered the Gingerich family to help him out..

Jared believed that the Gingerich family. wouldn’t dare disobey a direct order from Wayne.

With the ten-thousand-year-old tuber fleeceflower in his hands, Jared was planning. on refining it into a pill while he was staying in the hotel. That way, he wouldn’t have to worry about others trying to take it from him.

However, an ordinary cauldron would not. suffice for a rare herb of such level. That was when Jared recalled the Divine Cauldron from Medicine God Sect.

He quickly contacted Axton and had him bring the Divine Cauldron over to the hotel. “You must be tired, Mr. Chance. How about I make you some coffee?” Jessica asked when they arrived at the hotel.

“Thank you for helping out today, Ms. Zimmerman. You should get some rest as well. I’ll have the hotel staff bring me some coffee instead, Jared replied politely.

“Oh, don’t worry about it! I can get it for you!” Jessica said with a smile and left the hotel room. However, she found herself hesitating when she whipped out the Cultivation Reversal Potion and prepared to pour it into the coffee pot.

Jared had left a good impression on her all this while, so Jessica didn’t want to harm him like this. However, she was a member of Demon Sect, so she had to follow Patrick’s orders unconditionally.

After what seemed like forever, Jessica clenched her teeth and poured the Cultivation Reversal Potion into the coffee pot. She then gave it a good shake and brought it into the hotel room.

Jessica had a gloomy look on her face and didn’t dare look at Jared while she poured him and Flaxseed a cup of coffee each. As Jessica would never pour Flaxseed coffee, he was a little surprised by her actions.

Even so, he wasn’t planning on using women to numb himself. “You seem unwell, Ms. Zimmerman. Are you tired?” Jared asked when he noticed the strange look on her face.

“Oh, I’m fine! I probably just need a little bit of rest!” Jessica replied with a forced smile. “All right, then: You should go ahead and get some rest. We can take care of things here on our own,” Jared urged her.

“I think I should at least stay until you two finish your coffee so I can clean up before going to bed,” Jessica insisted. She wanted to personally watch them drink the coffee before leaving the room.

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